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Bet365 deposit bonus question ?

Discussion in 'Betting Offers' started by justzed, May 11, 2013.

  1. justzed

    justzed New Member

    Hi everyone, i hope you can help ? I understand that to receive the deposit bonus with bet365, all bets must be placed at 1.5 or more and you must play through deposit amount once to get bonus in the account.Then you must play through deposit amount and bonus amount three times in order to withdraw any cash, so would this work ........ ?
    deposit £200, split the £200 on Fulham v Liverpool Sun, odds - 3.90 home, 3.60 draw and 2.05 away. using a dutching calculator and including commission it works out at a £4.09 loss (not bad i thought) !

    So my big question is................ could you repeat this three times for each amount, and end up losing approx, lets say 5% per bet each time ?

    For easy numbers, your initial £200 drops to £190, then again three drops to approx £160
    bonus £200 drops to £190 then again but only twice, so £170

    A bit of effort required but with a approx total of £330, i hope this is viable, although seems far too easy ?

    Any help or advise greatly appreciated, cheers guys !

  2. slick

    slick Administrator

    Hi and welcome to Betnod justzed.

    I'm not so sure tell the truth although I don't see why you can't do that.
    I'll have another read of it when I get home but it's probably safer to read bet365's t&c's.

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