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Komp aka Kompressaur RIP

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by slick, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Jezza

    Jezza Active Member

    Defo has sound, a bit of static on one side at the start though.
  2. Punter

    Punter Moderator


    March 2005. Sadly, that night didn't happen as i was 'away' at the time. A real shame as we both loved the drink/weed combination and i reckon we'd of had a cracking night out around the Malvern.

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    What was your username at the time mate, was it Punter 69 or something like that? I just seem to remember Komp shouting "Punter69 where are you you cunt?" or whatever it was. As if you never had a real name. I thought he was planning on spending the nights in a toilet somewhere - or had he slept in a toilet the night before? I think that might have been it.

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Was Tommo in Keighley or somewhere like that? I've got west Yorkshire in my head for some reason.
  5. winrew

    winrew GILF

    I think Tommo was from Doncaster.

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Doncaster doesn't ring a bell mate but you're probably right. My memory is pretty shite

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Doncaster doesn't ring a bell mate but you're probably right. My memory is pretty shite
  8. slick

    slick Administrator

    It's Komps funeral tomorrow so if you get a moment in time to reflect on his brilliance please do so.
    I've asked his sister Lian what songs are being played in his remembrance and they are as follows.....

    Pink Floyd - wish you were here

    Ultravox - just for a moment

    Neil Young - My my hey hey

    Moondog - high on a rocky ledge

    She hopes we find some comfort in them.
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  9. keemanan

    keemanan Manchester City Premier League Winners 2011/12

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  10. keemanan

    keemanan Manchester City Premier League Winners 2011/12

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  11. keemanan

    keemanan Manchester City Premier League Winners 2011/12

    Not gonna lie, shedding a tear for the big daft sod. RIP Ross. Thanks to DanDan for the images, she said it was a lovely service.
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  12. slick

    slick Administrator

    Here's Lians tribute to him too that she read out at his service, I couldn't have wrote it better myself, so true and so apt...she sent it me to share with his friends.

    RIP Big Man, I was my daughters graduation today but my thoughts were with you.

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  13. slick

    slick Administrator

    Thanks to DanDan too, I've just noticed your name in admin waiting for email verification.
    I've just OK'ed it so you should be good to go:thumb
  14. keemanan

    keemanan Manchester City Premier League Winners 2011/12

    That is beautiful by Lian, he thought the world of her and her family and of course his Ma.

    This is from DanDan, she asked me to post it. Sounds like he had the send off he deserved.

    "Hi folks, quite the memories in this thread, hope you are all well. Komp was one of a kind, never to be repeated.

    Ed and I went to the funeral and it was the most beautiful service I've been to. Keir and Lian spoke and the above songs were played between. They were rocks in such an emotional situation. Ross's nieces sobbing and Lian still holding it together was as emotional as it gets. Ross's internet community and their outpouring of love featured highly along with just such love and grief from his family.

    Ed and I met Ross many times over the years and he was as mad in the flesh as online. I have indeed had cups of coffee in Komp's messy house. Your mug would be rinsed out and dried with a bedsheet before your coffee being pored. He made a great host though.

    One of my best memories was a video he made wearing his new false teeth which were made at my work. Him trying to talk whilst dry boaking had me doubled. Every person I ever showed that video would be in tears.
    I too remember the shaving his head with a Stanley knife, again classic Komp.

    Slick I look forward to your commerative Komp page as I too think his material should never be lost and continue to make people laugh for a long time to come.

    Ross is now buried in a woodland burial site and a cherry blossom will be planted on his grave which will bloom at his birthday time every year.
    Yesterday I saw 2 feathers in my work and wondered if this was a sign. When I arrived home at 4 there was yet another 2. Ok Komp, I see you!

    Komp you crazy old fool RIP. Xx"


    Diane x
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    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Perfect. Just perfect.
  16. slick

    slick Administrator

    Thanks for the update DanDan and Keema.
    Do you still have the video DanDan?, I vaguely remember it but can't forget the daft bugger cutting his hair with a Stanley knife lol.

    I've also changed my Frankie Vaughan habits since he left us because I keep thinking he's watching over me and I don't want to disappoint lol, as silly as it seems I've not knocked one out since he passed because my minds eye has him staring and laughing at me.

    I'll start work on Komp.com soon so all ideas welcome, I've been playing about with a tribute site trying a few things but the last thing I want to do is spend forever (and I would cause Komp deserves it) on a site that is just going to disappear into obscurity, It has to be something ongoing with interaction.
    Komp wouldn't want an online archive tombstone, It has to be more than that, it would have to grow and be shaped to his image without getting shut down by the powers that be lol.

    I also wan't to involve as many people as possible to lend a helping hand because I don't want to create something and that's it, I want input, Ideas and arguments from as many people who knew him as possible so it can be something we're all proud of.
  17. Fandanfanboi

    Fandanfanboi New Member

    I have contacted Facebook who have now made Ross's page a rememberance one. Everyone is welcome to post pics, memories and stories they have of him. Don't hold back. I don't think he would have wanted you to.

    If you search Remembering Ross Highet you should be taken there

    He also had a Komp Smith page on FB too. I've kept that as is as I'm the only bugger he kept on there.

    Thanks again for all your kind words. He remains sorely missed and much loved

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  18. slick

    slick Administrator

    Here's Keirs eulogy to Ross, once again a wonderful tribute fantastically written as was Lians, must run in the family....Many thanks for sending it.

    "My heartfelt thanks go to you all for being here today with my family in both paying tribute to, and celebrating the life of my brother Ross who I'm sure gave us all here so many memories.
    I have so many recollections of both life and living with Ross. We were chalk and cheese as siblings often are, but with that being said, he was and will always remain my best friend. In essence his passing was like a light going out and I will forever miss him.
    These past few weeks I have thought on many of the then taken for granted, now deeply cherished times spent with him. Some are my earliest memories. For me he was there from the beginning.

    Ross and I playing cowboys and indians in the back gardens at Riccarton where we lived. Sometimes we would have to run from dinosaurs when Ross shouted Allosaurus! That's when we weren't in trouble for going to the sunny pool, a dangerous stretch of water where the old train track, now the Riccarton bypass sits.

    Ross being told to take down his Airfix aeroplane models hanging from the ceiling in his bedroom to make way for his newborn baby sister, Lian, who was taking his room. His indignance was only matched by mine as I had to give up half my room for him. There was then the obligatory period of adjustment and a few squabbles over whose turf was whose, but we both soon got on with it.

    Ross and I both playing for Springside Colts, a local boys club football team. Ross played in the team a year below me and when they beat us in a not so friendly game I guess I never did live that one down. I wasn't a bad footballer at all but Ross was admittedly better and with slightly green eyes I watched him pick up more trophies and medals than I. They used to call him Chopper back then. He was an able defender but was often put in to stop the other teams best player playing their game. It seemed to work as Ross's team was the best for miles around. Ross also played for the Boys Brigade too with great distinction.

    Ross and I along with the other boys and girls at our end of Bridgehousehill Road spending endless summer days at either Mortons woods or the Round woods, Craigie Hill or the Cessnock as well as playing football at the gairages, kerby in the street or holding our version of a mini olympic games. Dens were made in the shape of igloos and treehouses became the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. We were always gone for hours, only coming home when we got hungry.

    Ross and custard creams. It was always a cup of diluting orange juice or Creamola foam and three or four custard creams. He liked bourbon creams and Toffeepops as well but custard creams were his favourite.
    Ross liked to read while eating. It was a habit he rarely ever broke unless the occasion called for it and it was something he did all his life. Sitting watching him, you would notice that he couldn't eat till he had something to read whether it was a week old newspaper, the yellow pages, the woman's weekly or the back of a cereal box. It made no odds to Ross.

    Ross and I starting to get into music around 1980 listening to the new wave of electronic bands appearing at the time.
    We would both kid on we were Gary Numan's keyboard players miming to the songs but I think Ross got bored of this after a bit though and preferred to just listen to the music, no doubt laughing at me in the process.

    Ross loved music all his life and as well as being a keen listener, later on got fairly competent at strumming a guitar while playing the harmonica. He also held a deep rooted desire to master the piano and owned and played a ukelele too.

    Ross and I moving to London at the end of 1981 when dad's work transfer took our family there. Ross made good friends in his time there some of whom he kept in touch with for the rest of his life. Then there was Ross as a young man working as an import clerk at Heathrow Airport and earning money at a faster rate than he could spend it. He shared a house with his friends then and in the evenings you'd find him holding the pool table or in front of the dart board at one his local pubs, generally being somewhere around the centre of whatever was happening. Ross and I stayed close through our late teens and into our early twenties. We had our own circle of friends each but even those overlapped. Ross always spoke very fondly of these times. London was good to him the dozen or so years he lived there and it never really left him. He always said he felt it gave him a different outlook on things than if he had never left Kilmarnock all those years before. He would be touched that his best friend from his many years spent there, Scotty, has travelled from London to be here today.

    Ross on a family holiday in the Greek island of Rhodes in 1993. In the evenings Ross would try to get whatever barman he was winning over to pour mum triple measures of their already triple measures on anything alcoholic she was drinking. Invariably Ross would choose to stay out later than the rest of us and it was long after the rest of us were all safely tucked up in bed, you would hear faint, strangely melodic whistling or singing in the far distance getting closer and closer. This got louder to the point it was realised it was Ross returning from some taverna at punting out time. Ross barely got a tan on holiday and due to his excessive wind, unsociable hours and clanking about at night, it was decided by the rest of us to move his bed from the bedroom to the kitchen between the cooker and the fridge. A few hours after getting in he didn't mind breakfast being cooked overhead and would reach out from the comfort of his bed for his egg sandwich when offered it.

    Throughout my adult life, if things went a bit awry, Ross was always happy to help me out. We shared a number of flats together and his door was always open to me. When we didn't live together he always told me I had somewhere to stay if I ever needed it. He was generous to a fault and bought me many things over the years, just gleaning what it was that I wanted from conversations. Next thing whatever it was I hankered after turned up via ebay addressed to me. It would be an understatement in saying that Ross took great pleasure in buying things for people he cared about.
    He was a real gadget guy too, messing around with 3D glasses and the like a few years before the rest of us.
    I remember when he bought a projector for the front room at one of our flats and he would use it to play ISS pro Evo soccer on it with Lochlin, his nephew.
    To be honest, and he knew this, I didn't like playing Ross that much a he was a terrible winner. He would gloat and making jokey observations on the scoreline when he was beating me.
    'It's like a nightmare that just keeps getting worse' was one of his favourite one liners.
    I would quietly seeth inside but to be fair to him, he wasa good loser and never ever took it in bad spirotit when he got beat himself.
    Which brings me to an important facet of Ross's character. That he was happy for others and wasn't ever the jealous type. Many of the milestones in life we gauge ourselves by didn't ever hold the same appeal or importance to Ross. He was happy for others to achieve them but didn't feel a need to validate his own life by them. He also didn't take himself too seriously either. If he had something bothering him he tended to be able to hide it well or put it to the side on a back burner to join in the fun with others.

    Ross, by his own admission, retreated away from the public persona and the social butterfly he had been a great many years and increasingly became an internet phenomena if not legend. Ross made a lot of friends online via his betting forums in particular, meeting up with a number of people over time at planned get togethers. The news of his passing was a great shock to many of his long-standing friends there and as a family we have been taken aback at both the depth of affection people felt for him and the high esteem he was held in.
    We have read heartfelt messages telling us he was either THE internet, the best thing on the internet or reason they hung around it so long. One of his friends mentioned that the internet should have been put at half mast the day the news of his passing broke. Ross had that effect on people whether in real life or the virtual world. He had a force of personality and a way of cutting through inhibition by simply engaging people in conversation. He was quick witted and funny and the vast majority of people who met him found this an appealing character trait.
    One of his friends here in Kilmarnock stated that Ross had a beautiful spirit and that people recognised this. I think that for any failings or faults he may have had, this in itself was the truth.

    Ross leaves behind a family still trying to come to terms with his passing. He was deeply loved by us all and we were always keenly aware how much love he had for his family. Latterly he found great joy in being around his nieces and they in turn loved their uncle Ross. Not everyone would be aware that Ross was both a father and grandfather too.

    Ross became increasingly spiritual the older he got. Not in a religious way but rather in his search for answers to why everything - the universe and all of us are what we are, how it all came to be and where it and we were all heading.
    I hope that Ross now has those answers and that he has at last found the inner peace he searched for and never quite found in this life here.

    I mentioned a butterfly earlier. Only yesterday a great big Red Admiral flew into the house and behaved in a most peculiar fashion. It flew all around me so I asked it if it was Ross to which it allowed me to carry it in my closed, cupped hands to the garden. Once there it peeked out from a gap between my fingers and then just sat on my hand for what seemed like close to a minute. It then flew straight over the top of the house which seemed odd in itself as well. I am not normally given to this kind of thing but it felt like something important had just happened. Mum and Tom thought so too watching this unfold.

    Ross, goodbye my brother. Rest in peace. Be free"
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  19. slick

    slick Administrator

    Seen do you still have any moronic posts saved?
    The Butterfly was one of Komps funniest posts in which he trolled a board about training a butterfly to lick his cock but unbeknown to him the EZboard was a Paedo board in disguise and they took him serious lol.
    Komp panicked and kicked off with them just in case the authorities raided it and traced his IP:lol

    We laughed at that for years.
  20. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    No mate, unfortunately I don't. I started a thread last year I think asking if anyone had them saved, might be a few posted on there. I did a couple and one of our members had the rapey one saved as they posted it up a while after. Can't remember who it was though, whoever it was might have some of Komps saved too.

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