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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by slick, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. slick

    slick Administrator

    Glad you mentioned that because I started watching it a while back then realised after it went off it was the airing of the first bleeding episode. So decided to wait until the series finished then forgot about it in the meantime.

    Starting to now wish I never got Netflix because I can't get a sniff in anymore due to her watching crime documentaries.
  2. MickeyPaul

    MickeyPaul Merry Christmas!

    They're doing a season 2 of "The Terror" weirdly but using a completely different story. I knew of the expedition beforehand Slick (googled it) and was really interested to see how they'd realise it on screen. It's brilliant in my opinion; even knowing how it ends. WATCHING THEM FALL APART is fascinating. Oh! And the writer added a supernatural element to it. Brilliant acting too. Looks amazing. I'd applaud it if I wasn't typing.

    Any Black Mirror fans in? Can't remember if I spoke about it here because I've posted so much about it over the years. Another show that keeps me awake at night. "Yeah.. fuck... imagine if.... oh God.. OH GOD!!"

    Anyway! I love Charlie Brooker and even Adam Buxton and they had chat that I found funny and interesting.

    8:34 the interview begins
  3. slick

    slick Administrator

    Cheers Mickey, I'll watch it all in one arrow when I get the chance.

    Seen's a big Black Mirror fan, I tried to get into it but just couldn't so sacked it after about 3 or 4 episodes, in fact it was the episode where some woman's husband dies and she orders another one by mail order, thought it was fcuking crackers lol.
    My daughter loves it too but I just didn't get it.
  4. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    Just finished the series finale of The Americans. Excellent throughout the 6 seasons.
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