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Tenuous links to famous people.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by slick, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. slick

    slick Administrator

    Anybody have any?

    I have a few, first one I remember was meeting Bobby Charlton as a kid when adventure playgrounds were all the go, it was the grand opening and we should have been playing five aside against a United team but they couldn't make it so Bobby turned up with a few City players:lol

    Can't remember exactly was there but I do remember it went to penalty's and I scored against Peter Barnes in net lol. (Yes I know he was a winger but for some reason he ended up in goal).
    I received a signed football of all the players involved presented by Bobby that didn't last 5 minutes because balls were few and far between in those days.

    There was also a time when I was on nodding terms with Beckham, he had just broke into the United team and after training used to go shopping in my local Tesco.
    It would always be a Thursday night and I'd be there with by daughter shopping when she was a toddler, she'd be sat in the trolley bored and I'd be entertaining her as we went down the aisles filing the trolley, on our way we'd pass a young Beckham who looked amused by my antics and we'd smile at each other as we passed.
    Over time it had got to the stage we'd just nod at each other in acknowledgement as if we knew each other:lol

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    I've played against and with a lot of Derby County players but I reckon most people have met a lot of footballers. As I posted in the RIP thread, I met Gordon Banks.

    Other than that, I'm not one for the whole celebrity thing. I remember when i was in Dublin with half a dozen mates and there was some film festival on (or rather, a fillum festival). There were a lot of very famous people there and I can't remember most of them (Bo Derek was there and the Irish geyser with the one arm who was in some sitcom in the 80s - Robin's Nest was it? I dunno. In fact I don't even know if he had one arm in real life, I suppose not. I think he's dead now. Anyway, I didn't meet any of them cos I fucked off to the pub to watch Man United playing :lol. Oh yeah, Mel Gibson was there along with some other guy who is now really famous but I can't remember.

    All of which I only mention as an example that I'm not one for celebrities. My best celebrity moment was meeting Bertie Bassett at York Races. As I walked past him, he was holding a great big bucket of Liquerice Allsorts and he muttered as me and my mate walked past "I fucking hate kids":roll I nearly pissed myself.

    Oh and I was Rudolf Hess's next door neighbour for a while (true story).
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  3. Kegman

    Kegman Moderator

    Years ago when on holiday in Blackpool there was a charity football match on which involved a lot of comics and stars that were appearing either in the tower, piers or winter gardens.

    I got Bella Embergs and Russ Abbots autographs and I thought i was the bees knees. Cannon and Ball were also there but they were miserable bastards.

    I also met Ally McCoist the day after he had signed for Rangers from Sunderland in the early 80's.

    Last couple of footballers / managers was Craig Levein and Kenny Miller were both at Musselburgh races one day.

    Met Griff Rhys Jones at the grand national one year and he was a decent bloke.
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  4. slick

    slick Administrator

    Was his name 'Uncle Albert'?
    The bloke from Robins nest that is with one arm not Rudolf Hess:lol,

    What's the story with Rudolf Hess (although I know I'm probably setting myself up here lol)
  5. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    I once chatted to Fred Wests nephew for 10 minutes. His uncle had been sentenced six months earlier, but we didn't speak about that :lol

    I also dated this lass in school for a couple of months, before she started getting her tits out.
    We were that young she hadn't developed them by then :rant

    She was a regular on page 3 in the late 80's.

    Also had a stadium tour of Anfield with Alan Kennedy not so long back, great player, top bloke, legend.
  6. slick

    slick Administrator

    Well that's put the rest of us in the shade, may aswell lock this thread now:lol

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    I think his name was Albert-though not Uncle Albert cos that was fools and horses lol.

    No im not joking about Hess. I was in Spandau Barracks in 1981 and Herr H was the sole resident of Spandau prison adjoining it.

    Went back there in 2017 and the placeis a supermarket. Someone is keen to wipe out that particular part of history sadly
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  8. bluek

    bluek New Member

    Fcuking hell. Just for a second there I thought ODM was mates with Tony Hadley and the Kemps, then I cleaned me glasses.

    ONEDUNME Administrator


    :roll You get bloody dafter
  10. slick

    slick Administrator

  11. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    I thought that an'all when I skim read it :p

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