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The end of page 3 ?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ONEDUNME, Apr 9, 2013.


    ONEDUNME Administrator


    The half-million strong Girlguiding movement has added its voice to a campaign to persuade the Sun newspaper to drop its Page Three topless pin-up.
    It has signed a petition urging Sun editor Dominic Mohan "to finally take bare boobs out of The Sun".
    Girlguiding UK signed the No More Page Three petition after a poll of members.
    "I believe it is wrong for women to be reduced to mere sexual objects in a family newspaper," said some fat ugly bird, 17, who has more chance of flying to the moon than being chosen for page 3.
    The online poll of more than 2,000 guides aged between 16 and 25 took place last month. Some 88% said they believed the Sun should end Page Three.
    The Guides have now adopted the campaign to end Page Three as official policy.
  2. kompressaur

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    It is a bit old school isnt it? Sitting at work smoking a cig whilst oggling page 3 birds is a differant era now isnt it? Fuck i remember you could even get away with pinning your fav page 3 women up behind your desk.

    I havent bought the sun newspaper in 30 years mind. I like hiw they had serious news on page 2. I dont know that works. Maybe they wanted you to be able to 'have a swatch' at page 3 whilst...hold on a sec.....The sun shouldnt even have serious news should it? Its like when i opened a 'Still born counsoulling forum' on a website once and it took my sister to mention to me that people who have had still borns dont want to talk about it on the sort of websites i could create. It was a bit of a wake up call to me.

    Even i say they should ban page 3. Maybe its the poison in my balls thats makign me say that.
  3. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    Damn do gooders, spoiling a good wank.

    I'm not fussed tbh, plenty of other papers, mag's and internet stuff if its tits you want.

    Anybody remember Katie from the eighties, she was all over the Sun, page 3 then. We went out for a couple of months while at school. I'd love to be able to boast that I shagged her, unfortunately she was in her first bra back then and we went no further than kissing :frown


    Corrine Russell will go down as the best page 3 for me though, she was lovely..

  4. kompressaur

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    mmm i dunno if it was a good wank Kop. I would really have to use a bit of imagination to squeeze one out over page 3. Granted its better than the Littlewoods catelogue but it was always pushing the wanking boundaries imo.

    I made Maria Whitaker cry at a party when i was a kid. She was ages with me and was wanting away with me (honest) I remember the party well, in Heston. I turned up with Japan's Quiet Life album and hogged the stereo whilst supping my Special Brews.

    Susan Mizzi is dead btw.
  5. kompressaur

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