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Things You May Or May Not Have Invented?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by kompressaur, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. kompressaur

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    Ive been trying to invent wallpaper, for your walls, that is just like a video computer screen allowing you to have your computer displaying all over your house. The main wall in your front room could have a full size incoming webcam on it displaying whoever is connected to you on your wall as if they where really just there in the room. Your mum say, could be lying on her sofa watching the telly in her house but it would seem as if she was in the same room as you.

    The software you get with the wallpaper allows you to map your walls out as you wish. Maybe have a virtual fish tank in the corner and your virtual telly anywhere you please. This invention will happen, probably in most of our lifetimes and i just want you all to know that it was me that inventeed it first.

    Nothing about it anywhere online. ever. that said searching for 'computer wallpaper' keeps you off the trail. Anyone know how to make computer screen wallpaper and wants to be a millionaire with me?

    Another invention that im aching to make and ive probably mentioned it every time i turn up here drunk and thats a SAFE ROOM ELECTRIC CAR. The day keeps on getting closer and closer and i think i'll have it made by 2020.

    Graphene, stronger than anything we have ever known.

    3d printing. Graphene bubble car.

    Driverless cars

    3 future techs that are gonna have a big impact on our lives. I just want a secure place to sleep and surf the net whilst being driven about here and there. Im gonna make it a 'project' online sometime and make it happen.

    I invented what could now be called an exosuit way back in the early 80's when exosuits where probably unheard of. I just wanted to make a big pair of hydraulic legs that would allow me to go down the shop and back for fags during a break of the bill. If only i was more 'driven' in my life.

    fuck it im away to bed. hope i can see you all soon although spending my time posting shit on betting forums is not very constructive to me these days but it still is fun at the time.

    I invented a table that hangs from the ceiling over your bed but someone beat me too it :rant

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