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Tinder killer

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Seen, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    How the fuck can they charge this guy with murder? :thinking


    Tourist Warriena Wright 'fell 14 floors from apartment balcony as she tried to escape accused Tinder killer Gable Tostee - because she was so scared of him'
    • Gable Tostee, 30, is accused of killing Warriena Tagpuno Wright, 26
    • He called Ms Wright, who he met on Tinder, a 'psycho b***h', court heard
    • Ms Wright was found dead at the base of his apartment block in 2014
    • Gable Tostee's apartment was in disarray after death of Warriena Wright
    • Court was shown re-enactment of her legs hanging over the balcony edge
    • Tostee, from Gold Coast, south of Brisbane , has pleaded not guilty
  2. Steve_uk

    Steve_uk Well-Known Member BANNED

    I don't think he will be convicted, but he should have called Police if she became hysterical and not locked her out on the balcony and then proceed to buy a pizza. http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/austra...ights-death-plunge-from-gable-tostees-balcony
  3. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    Well, I agree, but hindsight's a wonderful thing isn't it? Don't forget he had been drinking too, he probably didn't want the hassle of having the police at his door, and probably thought locking her on the balcony might help calm the crazy bitch down - I don't think anyone could expect her to do what she did.

    Ordering a pizza afterwards was a bit odd, but like he says, he didn't realise she was dead and he was hungry...

    if you search the net for this story you will see how the media typically is portraying the male as some kind of monster. Search out the full transcript and listen to the audio of the phone recording and you suddenly see things in a very different light.

    He can not and will not be found guilty of murder.
  4. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    I've found the full transcript, it was printed in the DM 2 years ago. Difficult to find now because the only thing the media want us to know is that he said 'You are lucky I haven't chucked you off my balcony you god damn psycho little b**ch', and that she was saying "no no no I want to go home". Funny that, innit? :ohwell



    12.56.21am: Male states: 'f*** me'

    12.56.30am: Music begins. It is James Blunt, 'Nights Like These'.

    12.57am: Male: 'Don't go baby, please.'

    12.58am: Sound of drinks being poured.

    12.59am: Conversation about food

    1.02am: Male asks female to come here and chill and have a drink. Repeats to chill, have a drink. Male says that everything on him is good looking. Female: 'I am psycho drunk and not to test her.'

    1.03.30am: Male: 'Shut up or I will make you come again. Female: 'Shut up or I will beat you up'.

    1.05.30am: Male: 'Do you want to come to my work tomorrow?' Female: 'Do you want to come to my family tomorrow?'

    During the taped conversation between Warriena Wright, 26, (pictured) and Gable Tostee, between 12.56am and when she fell to her death at 2.21am, she allegedly says - joking about dying from smoking: 'I know you want to kill me because you told me so'

    Male: 'You can help me lay carpet. You can help me tell my mum I am not a loser ...'

    1.06am: Female says she loves people and that 'she is all good with dying'

    1.07am: Female says 'I know you want to kill me because you told me so.' Further reference to dying from smoking.

    1.08am: Further conversation about galaxies, travel to Alice Springs,religion and gods.

    1.09am: Male says that he 'doesn't think there is anything after this, you die and that is it' and says, 'throw me off the balcony and that is it. This is it, boom.'

    1.12am: Male: 'Don't touch them. You love them rocks.' Female asks, 'Are you a god?' and male says, yes he is. He is Zeus. He tells her to relax and to 'come back here'.

    1.14am: Female says she is going to 'go vampire on his ass'. Male says, 'Stay right there.'

    1.14am: Female: 'You are dead and I hate you.'

    1.15am: Conversation about her dead dog. Male says, 'Don't hurt me, I am defenceless.'

    1.19am: Sounds of laughing and hitting in the background, followed by female saying 'No seriously Bro' and male saying, 'Ow'.

    1.20.30am: Music still playing and soft sounds of groaning in the background.

    1.22: female says, 'this is Australia baby. I am ninja' and 'no, no'.

    1.26.21am: Male says, 'I should walk you home.'

    1.26.51am: Male says, 'Stop that' and female says, 'Oh my god you are like a Christian.'

    1.28.07am: Female says, 'Don't be a d*** to me.' ... male says, 'I don't want to like have to muscle you'.

    1.29.06am: Male says, 'Just relax.' ... 'I don't like getting beaten up'.

    1.31am: Male states: 'Just be nice.' Conversation is calm.

    1.32.30: Male states he wants another drink

    1.33.02: Male states: 'Come here' and female says, 'have a good night.' The male says, 'Do you want me to walk you back home'. There are sounds of ruffling and the female is heard to say 'have a good night' and male states 'no ... I'll take care of you in the morning'.


    1.35.31am: The music stops.

    1.35.40am: Female says: 'Where is my sister's s***? Where is all my f***ing data? Where is my iPhone?' Male says, 'do you want me to ring it?' Female: 'Yes, I would love you to f***ing ring it.'

    1.36.19am: Male: 'Hey I didn't say you have to leave. I said that you have to stop beating me up.' Heated conversation.

    1.36am: Female: 'Are you going to f***ing untie me because I will F***ing destroy your jaw. It is not f****ing funny ... 'Get it for me'. Male: 'No, you get it.' Female: 'I am going to call the police.'

    1.37.21am: Repeats she is going to call the police.

    1.38am: Female: 'Cmon Cletus.'

    1.38am: Female: 'I am going to call the police.' Male: 'What are you looking for? Where is my money. How are you going to call the police without your phone?'

    1.39.13am: Male: 'Your phone must be out of battery ... it must be out on the balcony.'

    Male: 'Please calm down please. You have had too much to drink. I had s*** loads of money.' Female states that she f***ing rules in New Zealand but she gets taken advantage of.

    1.39am: 'Do you even remember what you were doing to me half an hour ago? You were beating me up for no reason ... you thought it was funny or something. Why were you beating me up?'

    Female: 'I am gone. I will be out of your hair, see you later. I am going.' Then produces the phone, saying 'see you later', to which the male replies: 'You are such a drama queen'.

    1.41am: Male asks if we can sit down and discuss this. Female states she is a freak.

    Male says that he is going to get bruises. He asks the female to stay the night. States he is the most tolerant person he would meet, 'but you are just a bit violent.' Offers to cook something and asks again if she wants something to eat.

    1.45.16am: Male asks how long she is living on the Gold Coast. Female says: 'Geez, God didn't want me here for long. He has kicked me out already.'

    1.46:30: Conversation about Greek gods and mythology.

    1.48am: Female asks if she can go over to the window and have a look. The male says: 'Don't jump off or anything'.

    1.49am: Male says that people with white coats are going to come in and states that she would jump off the balcony.

    1.49.30am: Male states: 'Just come here, I just want to cuddle you. I just want to snuggle you'. The female says, 'Being talked to by gods' The door shuts and possibility that the female is in the toilet.

    1.51.am: Male whispers into the recording device, 'God help me, s***'.

    1.52am: Female calls male a 'social demon' and male asks if she got the photos he sent, 'our balcony photos'. He says: 'You are so much more drunker than me. I need to catch up.'

    1.56am: Male states that his mum is in Adelaide because his pa died of cancer. Conversation about male finding out about his pop is dying.

    1.57.30am: Doesn't think he has been so sad before. Female says 'sorry bra'.

    2.02.31am: Female: 'UK men are funnier and have bigger d***s.' Male: 'Not bigger than mine.' Conversation continues about (male genitalia). Male asks if his is 'the biggest'.

    2.03.30am: Male: 'Hey, hey, hey, no violence.' Then laughs and says: 'What are you doing Cletus?' and 'enjoy that'. Female then says, 'Cheers.'

    2.05.30am: Male tells Cletus to 'chill out' and says 'it is not cool here' and he will 'fix that s***'.

    Possible pouring, drinking. Male asks female to promise that she does not beat him up.

    2.09am: Male states she is a 'woos' and offers her food. Says that if she 'was going to go all kung fu on me then I will kick your a**'. Calm conversation.

    2.10am: Sound of a struggle. Female: 'That really hurt my vagina.' Male laughing and female replies: 'You sound like a f*****'.

    2.12am: Male states, she is insane. Male say: 'Alright I give up what do you want' There is a loud bang and he says, 'oww'.

    2.12.31am: Male say: 'I will do what you want. I will be your sex slave (possibly having rocks thrown)'.

    2.13am: Male says: 'Alright, that is enough, That is enough.' ...female says, 'no seriously, I have to have a ****.'

    2.14AM: Male says, 'You are not my kind of girl. You have worn out your welcome. You have to leave. Female says. 'ok, it is all good.' Female out of breath. Male states, 'you have to leave'. Female replies 'OK. It's all good'. He says, 'I thought you were a nice girl.'

    2.14.51am: Male says, you are f***ing insane'.

    2.15am: Male states I think you are kidding but you are not. Go on right now. Male states — I do need a sample of DNA.

    2.15.31am: Male says, 'I thought you were kidding and I have taken enough. This is f***ing bull**** ... you are lucky I haven't chucked you off my balcony you god damn psycho little b**** ... who the f*** do you think you ..'.

    2.16am: 'What. What - got something to say- say it.' Female breathing heavily. Female states '(unintelligible) sexist'. Male replies, 'yeah right. I am the one who is injured. You don't have a god damn scratch on you'.

    2.16.51am: Male states: 'I thought that you were just playing around but I am f***ing sick of this s***. You're a god damn psycho. I am going to let you go. I am going to walk you out of this apartment just the way you are.

    'You are not going to collect any of your belongings, you are just going to walk out and I am going to slam the door on you, do you understand. If you try and pull anything. I'll knock you out, I'll knock you the f*** out. Do you understand? Do you understand? Do you understand?

    2.17.49am: 'Cmon, get up. Get up'. Female states, 'I am so sorry'. Male states, ' I don't care'. Struggling. Male, 'you don't understand do ya. You don't understand anything at all do you.'

    Struggle. Male states, 'let go. You think that you hit me and I was going to fall down like in the movies'. More laboured breathing sounds. Male states, 'let go of it. Let go. Let go.' More choking sounds.

    2.18.46am: Still laboured breathing sounds. Breathing slows. Male, 'Let it go.'

    2.19.35am: Sound of something dropping (metallic).

    2.19am: Movement and rustling and sounds of female calling out. Sound consistent with door unlocking. Female states, 'No'. Possible sound of glass door being hit.

    2.20.46am: Male: 'Who the f*** do you think you are? Hey?' Female: 'No, no, no. No! No no no.'

    Male: 'You tried to kill me huh? Well, why did you try and hit me with that. Huh? Shut your filthy mouth.'

    Female: 'No, no, no, no, no. (screaming).'

    Male: 'It is all on recording you know. It is all being recorded.

    Female: 'No no no no no no no no no no no no. Just let me go home.'

    Male: 'I would but you have been a bad girl.' Sound of door sliding shut.

    2.20am: 'Just let me go home. Just let me go home.' Last words of 'just let me go home'. Male - heavy breathing. Faint scream detected.

    2.21.23am: Very heavy breathing from male.

    2.21.50am: Male makes call to lawyer Mick Purcell. Call made from handset. '(Expletive).' Call not connected.

    2.22am: Male: 'Where the f*** are my keys?'

    2.23am: Male: 'F***, f***, f***'

    2.23.30am: 'Oh my god.' Sounds of getting dressed, pulling jeans up, belt etc.

    2.26am: Sound of sirens in the background.

    2.26.30am: Sound of lift button.

    2.28.41am: Walking noises. Footsteps.

    2.39.44am: Walking stops.

    2.42am: Walking starts again.

    2.47am: Call to Michael Purcell.

    2.49am: Screen shot taken of phone with images of deceased. Then, a call to deceased.

    Sounds of walking, traffic and traffic light pedestrian button, and then a nightclub in the background.

    3.10.21am: Male states, 'Um a piece of supreme please.'

    3.11.30am: Paper rustling. (Eating pizza).


    3.23.13am: Phone call connects his father. Male states, 'Hello dad. I might have a bit of a situation. See um I met up with a girl for a date tonight and she started getting really aggressive. It was all right at first and like we, you know, had sex in bed and she kept drinking. We were both drinking and I think that she thought that it was like a joke or something and she kept like beating me up and whatever. It was cos she was really drunk and whatever and I like forced her out on the balcony and I think that she might have jumped off.'

    Dad: 'Oh no.'

    3.23.30am: Male: 'Like I have been walking around and there are a million cops around my building. I'm ***ed. I don't know what to do.'

    Dad: 'Where are you, at your unit?'

    Male: 'I didn't cause this, like I didn't push her. There are a million cops around the area.'

    Dad: 'I'll come and get you ok.'

    Male: 'It is really ***ed up. I am like at Dominos. Dad, like this is not my fault ... I don't know, like I tackled her on my floor inside the building and I never forced her over the balcony.'

    Dad: 'I am sure you wouldn't, mate.'

    Male: ' ... I don't know what the f*** happened, it is crazy. This f***ed up, this is so f***ed up. I swear to god I didn't push her, I just chucked her out on the balcony and locked the door because she was beating me up.'

    Dad: 'I'll come over now ok?'

    [The call continues for several minutes until the male says,'hang on a sec. What the f***. What the f*** is this ... it is her phone in my pocket.'

    Dad: 'Is it her phone?'

    Male: 'It is her phone, yeah ... Dad like what happened was we were drinking and we got into bed together then and after that she just kept drinking and she just kept like I don't know she was just like beating me up.

    'She thought it was funny or something and I was just like tackled her in the middle of my apartment and I said that it wasn't funny anymore and blah blah blah.

    'Then when I let her go the last thing I remember was she was on the balcony and I don't know if she jumped or what, I don't know. It wasn't my fault, it wasn't my god damn fault.'

    3.46.30am: Call made and connected. 'Hey dad, are you nearby. I am seriously freezing.

    Dad: 'Not far away at all. Male: 'Can you stay on the line?' Dad: Yep.'

    3.47.30am: Sound of car door opening and seatbelt being placed on.

    3.47.46am: Dad: 'The only thing we can do is ring [his lawyer] Bill Potts up now. You can't do anything else but that but you need to do it straight away really. Can you find his number?

    Male: 'I didn't do anything. Dad: 'Yeah mate, I understand.Do you want to go to hospital?'

    3.48.30am: Male: '**** it. I wish that I had cameras in my unit. I have audio. I tried calling her phone.' Dad: 'Don't call her phone.'

    3.49am: Call is made to phone and goes to message bank. Dad: 'What are you doing, why did you do that?' Male: 'I don't know.'

    3.50.19: Call to the deceased.

    3.51am: 'Why does this **** always happen to me. I didn't ask for this. I wasn't doing anything wrong, I just invited the girl over. The more she drank ...'

    Dad: 'Was she jealous or something?'

    Male: 'Me and her had sex and it was like the more that she drank she just got violent for some reason. Dad: 'Did she want a more serious relationship or something?'

    Male: 'No, she was like I know MuyThai blah blah blah and I'll beat you up for fun rah rah rah and I was like tolerating it for a bit and went 'yeah stop that'. Last thing that I remember was that I tried holding her down and she ran out on to my balcony. I hope I just imagined it.'

    3.51.30am: Call to deceased.

    3.52am: I might have locked her out on my balcony cos there is like a lock. I can't remember what I did but I absolutely did not throw her off my balcony. I would never do anything like that.'

    3.52.30am: Dad: 'We need to ring up Potts.' Male: 'I don't ask for this s***. Why does this s*** happen to me?'
  5. slick

    slick Administrator

    Still trying to get my head round this, where did the recording device come from?
  6. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    The accused had an obsession with recording everything, he's a bit odd, although that doesn't make him a killer of course. There was 3 hours of audio on his phone I think.
    slick likes this.
  7. slick

    slick Administrator

    I see Ched Evans was also proven Innocent today, did anybody really think he was guilty apart from the pc liberal brigade.
    Too little too late, the kids career is nearly finished.

    I could say a lot about this case but without being classed as a misogynist it's very hard, another corner they have squeezed us into.
  8. slick

    slick Administrator

    Does he have a history of this? if so for how long?
    Either he was building upto something sinister or just wanting to be a cockey cnut with it on record for his mates, can't think why he would do it otherwise tell the truth.

    Not normal behaviour either way imo, maybe I'm old school but after a good pull and a bit of action recording voices would be the last thing on my mind, lights camera action on the other hand...:embarassed
  9. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    'I regularly made audio recordings of my drunk nights on the town in case something happened. I kept them for myself but didn't need to listen to them 99% of the time. It's so easy to do using a smartphone and comes at such a small cost, and sometimes the recordings have been invaluable.'

    GT also addressed 'fabricated stories about me having cameras to film "homemade porn", explaining he had two cameras in his apartment for security purposes only.

    '[The cameras] came in handy for example when I was able to retrieve my wallet from a girl who stole it,' he said.
  10. slick

    slick Administrator

    He's either bright as a button or a sinister cnut, maybe it's a an age thing but who could be arsed making audio recordings of their night out, tell the truth I wouldn't want to listen to them the day after never mind having a record of it because it would be full of pish talk and embarrassing.:embarassed

    If you don't feel confident enough going for a night out without having to record the proceedings of the night in case anything goes wrong then there is something not right, unless you're worth a few quid and want to protect it.

    In IMHO anyhow.
  11. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    I don't think there's any doubt that he's a narcissistic weirdo, but that is irrelevant to the case here - recording audio of lovers is odd but I can't see how it can be sinister in relation to this case, if anything it's gone against him as the prosecution is heavily relying on the bit where it sounds as if he's strangling her just before he locks her on the balcony.

    She was clearly a weirdo too - they paired up on Tinder, met outside a bar, went in to the bar but were only in there for 2 minutes before leaving to go to an off licence to buy booze, then back to his apartment. They were back at his just 7 minutes after meeting, obviously to have sex. What kind of girl does that, surely you would want to at least check the guy out a bit before going back to his?

    The transcript clearly suggests that they had consensual rough sex/bondage, she appears to have gone over the top using martial art moves on him then throwing rocks at him and hitting him with a telescope. He told her to leave more than once, she didn't, he used force (reasonable or unreasonable, only he knows) before locking her out on the balcony.

    The prosecution claims she was so scared for her life she felt the only escape was to try and climb down off the balcony - something which was clearly impossible if you look at the outside of the building. She was scared for her life yet there was a locked door between them? She didn't think to shout down to the people in the apartments above or below (there were people there) for help or to call the police? You know, like anyone clearly would if they felt they were in immense danger. If she had been crying out for help then fair do's, but she tried climbing down almost immediately.
  12. Seen

    Seen Moderator

  13. Seen

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