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Euro 2024

I agree with slick that the "top tier" countries are trying to qualify with the least amont of effort.
Of the others Austria impressed me in their pressing of France , but can they maintain that intensity with three group games in 8 days. I'll be backing them to beat Poland tomorrow.
Anybody else been thinking Foden will want a goal for the new sprog, later today?
Anytime scorer @ 3.90
Reports suggest he'll start.
I want England to win goes without saying but as yer say 3/1 a bit skinny tbh

I think Holland could surprise but i think the winner comes from the top of the betting really altho at the prices none of em really appeal

when i was staying at a mates in Plymouth (2004) we had a fiver each on Greece at 66/1 .. that was probably my greatest football bet ever lol .. cant see me ever repeating that one again !

Well i said the Dutch could surprise and they were 18s when i posted that , through to the quarters so in with a chance
It's definitely the weakest side of the draw, the way England are playing they stand every chance of making the final as do Switzerland.
Man, it doesn't get any easier watching England take Pens.
Glad for Saka too, it took some bottle to take that.
Man, it doesn't get any easier watching England take Pens.
Glad for Saka too, it took some bottle to take that.

Reminded me of when Pearcey stepped up after his previous miss , definatley takes some balls
Need Spain to win for my sweepstake. Spain have been the most impressive but if England play like they did in the first half v Holland then they've got a chance. Most of the knockout stage games have been very cagey affairs with teams not wanting to lose and I hope for everyone that the final tomorrow night isn't like that. England seem to wait to go 1-0 down before they start to play so an early goal might be what's needed tomorrow night. Apart from his overhead kick Bellingham has been poor, Kane poor, Foden done well v Holland but has been poor rest of tournament, Saka has done ok.
Spain in the sweepstake is worth £80 to my youngest. She wants to come and watch it with us. I had to ask her who she wants to win, first.
"England of course....but i need the money" was her reply.

Spain have been the best in the tournament by far but they'll know this is their toughest test yet. England have been finding a way of not losing and might be peaking at the right time.

Probably Spain but...

Come on England!!!

Southgate does it again, I've slagged him off to fcuk but he keeps getting us to the latter stages of comps when in previous decades we have been dire.
I keep thinking he's the luckiest manager ever but now beginning to realise there must be more to it than that.

Every late tactical change he's made in this comp I've wondered WTF but they have been game changing in the most positive way.

Can we beat Spain?
They have been by far the best team so far but with Gareth in charge who knows.
England aren't playing a steady planned game but are reactionary and changing the game to suit.
That's why even when we go a goal down I'm not worried, because England will just up it and take control.
It's stressful watching but if it works why try and fix it.

Spain have some great players, that young kid has been brilliant and Rodri is Rodri.
I also think Morata has been fantastic, a totally different player to the one at Chelsea, I didn't know he had this in him.

I can see why Spain are clear favourites but wouldn't at all be surprised to see us do it, I hope so anyway even though I know it's gonna be agony to watch.