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Week 41 Friday 17th May to Monday 20th May 2024

Week 41 scores:

Kegman 6.0 (draw/MAn Utd HT/FT) - odds reduced to maximum allowed
Rcgills 4.87 (Palace HT/FT, draw/Arsenal HT/FT)
Winrew 2.15 (Palace, Forest)
Traeth 0
Slick no picks submitted


1 - Traeth 146.56
2 - Slick 135.81
3 - Rcgills 116.06
4 - Winrew 104.10
5 - Kegman 98.06

Highest weekly score: Rcgills 20.6 (week 18)

Well, that's it for another season. The title battle ends with a bit of a damp squib, Slick forgetting, and Traeth not scoring, but congratulations to Traeth, well deserved title :clap:clap Top score of the season goes to me, with the 20.6pts in week 18.

For me personally, I think this is the end of the road in this comp. Forgot to update it many weeks (cheers Slick for filling in :thumb), forgot to even submit picks several times too :duh. Barring a sudden change of heart over the summer, I suspect I'll be out next year. Cheers all for playing, this year and the past god knows how many seasons we've been going :beer
Thanks for the congratulations.
I would like to thank all that helped run the comp , setting up the threads and the updating the scoring.
Thanks to all that took part .
Being reigning champion is the biggest honour in my football life this year , with my home team Porthmadog relegated and Wales failure to qualify for the euros.
Well done Traeth, it didn't take you long to latch onto draws were the way forward and you ended up beating me at my own game lol.

Like RC I'm also finding this comp a bit tiresome, maybe next yr we can change to an online comp where the admin is done automatically.