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Discussion in 'Betting Offers' started by slick, Sep 15, 2011.

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    888sport – The Safest Bet

    888sport continues to offer more of everything: more Free Bets; more Promotions; more Live Betting events; more Markets; more competitive odds; more peace of mind with even more invested into customer service and safety online so that you can make a bet with confidence.

    888sport is home to the unique and innovative iCard form guide and a Bet & Watch horse racing service where a bet of as little as £1 will allow you to see the actual race on a reliable, clear stream, straight from the 888sport site. 888sport is also the site that offers amazing cash back deals on tennis and 88th minute heart-breakers; if a football bet is ruined by a goal in or after the 88th minute, the stake is refunded! 888sport also prides itself with prompt payouts and customer service that is second to none.

    Live and breathe football? 888sport provides unique enhanced bets where a multiple on 3 big sides from the Premier League, La Primera Division or the Bundesliga 1. will earn you an extra margin to make the most of your wager. Additionally, 888sport provides players specials or even team specials across a variety of sports and countries. You can bet on your mobile with 888sport just as easily as you can on the website – both pre-match and live!

    To welcome new members, 888sport is offering up to £50 worth of Free Bets, the more you bet the more you get!!

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