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Betfair Withdrawals

Discussion in 'Betting Talk' started by Pete89, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Pete89

    Pete89 Member

    Got a decent amount to withdraw from Betfair and was thinking about withdrawing it by next day bank transfer was wondering if anyone had withdrawn this way before and could answer a couple of questions?

    1) If you've never withdrawn this way is there any extra security to jump through?
    2) If I pay for the next day on a Saturday will I get it on Sunday or Monday?

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    I've never used it mate but this is from Betfair's own blurb. The fact that it only specifies that withdrawals must be made before midnight in order to be in your bank the next day (and no differentiation is made between working days and weekends) suggests to me that the money will be credited the next day even if it's a Saturday or Sunday. Of course, whether that means your balance will be updated by your bank is another matter as I often find that some of my credit/debit information isn't updated until a Monday morning.
    To Withdraw funds

    Step 1. Click on "Withdraw Funds" on the left hand menu of the "My Account" screen.
    Step 2. Click on "Withdraw Funds by Bank Transfer"
    Step 3. Enter the details requested, tick the "next day transaction" box, then click "Submit".
    Please note: for express withdrawals, your withdrawal request must be made before midnight in order to receive the funds the next day.
  3. jamesfrank

    jamesfrank New Member

    Hey friend thanks for the steps to withdraw the funds from bank.
  4. Dimata Ivanovich

    Dimata Ivanovich New Member

    Why do you don't try card withdraw?

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