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Betting System Suggestions

Discussion in 'System Proofing' started by f0rumview3r, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. f0rumview3r

    f0rumview3r New Member

    I've been studying betting systems for the past month now.
    I've seen.. over 0.5 first half in-play, laying/backing correct scores, establishing a rolling accumulator, back draw HT. I've just recently decided to apply my own betting system for my betting days.
    What i would like to know from you guys is to solve a fundamental issue i have.
    Let's say i've selected 56 games in which i tend to play for today

    I use flashscore to keep track of the games as seen below


    I want to apply a martingale plan with a 1.8 multiplier instead of 2

    Bet1 0.2

    Bet2 0.36
    Bet3 0.65
    Bet4 1.17
    Bet5 2.10
    Bet6 3.78
    Bet7 6.80
    Bet8 12.24
    Bet9 22.04
    Bet10 39.67

    The problem is having more than 1 match for a specific period of time.
    As football matches tend to last 2 hours, the only way i can apply my system is if matches are 2 hours from each other and only if there is 1 match for each period like below

    16:00 Jarocin - Bytow
    18:00 Prato - Catanzaro
    20:00 Santos DG - Alajuelense

    Whereas if there are 2 or more at the same time i cannot play like below

    16:00 Jarocin - Bytow
    16:00 Gumushanespor - Hatayspor
    18:00 Prato - Catanzaro
    18:00 Ponferradina - Gijon

    As the betting system i would like to play is progressive, how would i be able to "not miss a match" and the system still be stable and progressive?

    One thought i had was as follow

    16:00 Game1 0.2 LOST
    18:00 Game2 0.36 LOST
    20:00 Game3 0.65 LOST
    20:00 Game4 0.65 LOST
    22:00 Game5 1.17 WIN

    but then when the point where a WIN occurs, i wan't be at the same profit level(or even below) as i should be

    I've also thought of splitting the currrent bet in half but that will also not cover the previous bets

    What are your thoughts on this my friends?

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Martingale = bad idea
  3. f0rumview3r

    f0rumview3r New Member

    "Martingale = bad idea" => fact
    Any other suggestions though? ;p
  4. Chuck

    Chuck New Member

    Hi martingale is fine and dandy as long as a you a) have sufficient bank roll, b) have a capped number of roll overs. I suggest cap out at 4. c) you have high percentage of winners 60%+

    Before starting any strategy, I'd set out your goal. For example how much do you want to earn a month or how much yield would you be happy to be getting. From this you can put in the necessary plan.

    Split betting and flat betting are much more conservative and take longer to build profits. But they are less stressful. But I always ask, if you have a tip that you think will win... Why the hell don't you just put more on it? Or don't you trust the bet? to which I say why put anything on it? The only way I recommend split betting and flat betting is if you can a) stager starting times, play bet 2 with winnings from bet 1 etc. b) you can hedge
    This is bet stacking, and is tricky to manage but can be fun and profitable.

    Best wishes


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