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Discussion in 'Betting Talk' started by BettingArea, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. BettingArea

    BettingArea Member

    #51 | Lanus 1-3 San Martin S. J. | -300.00EUR
    #52 | Epinal 1-1 Le Poire Sur Vie | +255.00EUR

    #53 | 29th February | Friendly International
    Romania - Uruguay
    Tip: Under 2.5 @ 1.73 Stan James
    Stake: 300.00EUR

    #54 | 29th February | Friendly International
    Poland - Portugal
    Tip: Over 2.25 @ 1.91 188Bet
    Stake: 300.00EUR
  2. BettingArea

    BettingArea Member

    #53 | Romania 1-1 Uruguay | +219.00EUR
    #54 | Poland 0-0 Portugal | -300.00EUR

    February Statistics:
    Won/Lost: 18/14
    Winning accuracy: 56%
    ROI: 3,31%
    Profit: +367.50EUR

    Through 2 months I've been testing many sources, as you can see, especially in February I posted many picks, usually I don't do this, but as I wrote before, it was an easy test with flat stake. I showed you 2 profitable months, that was my main target here.

    Usually I manage my bankroll using staking just like in Betadvisor, from 1 to 5 units per tip (which means 1% - 5% of my bankroll) and this brings me better profities. I can decide where put higher stake and where not.

    Thanks trial period I chose the best special areas in which I am gonna focus. Below statistics (January - February):
    #1 France:
    Won/Lost: 10/3
    Profit: +1419.00EUR
    ROI: 33,79%
    Win rate: 77%
    Average odd: 1.84

    #2 Greece:
    Won/Lost: 3/1
    Profit: +441.00EUR
    ROI: 36,75%
    Win rate: 75%
    Average odd: 1.78

    #3 Italy:
    Won/Lost: 4/3
    Profit: +39.00EUR
    ROI: 1,86%
    Win rate: 57%
    Average odd: 1.86

    #4 Iceland:
    Won/Lost: 2/2
    Profit: +99.00EUR
    ROI: 8,25%
    Win rate: 50%
    Average odd: 1.89

    #5 Germany:
    Won/Lost: 2/0
    Profit: +394.00EUR
    ROI: 65,75%
    Win rate: 100%
    Average odd: 1.89

    Additional countries are Poland, Canada and English lower leagues (there I have few friends with good knowledge), sometimes Premier League but with smaller stake. Countries like Portugal, Turkey and Brazil are suspended for me.

    Period from March to August are more profitable for tipsters, many leagues are going to start. If you're looking for someone who can lead your funds with cheap price (35.00EUR for 1 month) just register on website: http://betting-area.com/ or ask few questions on support@betting-area.com.

    *This website is perfect for people with bigger bankroll and with clear mind who can follow me without unnecessary emotions. I suggest you to put your funds on bookmakers which offer asian handicaps with small limits. I will learn you how to manage your bank.

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