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Bookie Threads?

Discussion in 'Tech and Info' started by kompressaur, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. kompressaur

    kompressaur spam removed by komp

    I think its a good idea to have an ongoing thread for each bookie somewhere. Possibly in a 'bookmaker review' forum. Folks can add their experiences with the bookie, good or bad, for all to read.

    If there was a thread on 888sport i would post about how they change odds PER USER depending on the bets placed (1st bet on a team 4/5, 2nd bet on same team 4/5, 3rd bet on the team 8/11 and then 4/5 to logged out members no matter)

    They also have to confirm any bet after youve placed a few even if your just betting 1 or 2 dollars etc) they came back at me last week and REFUSED my 3 dollar 22/1 4-fold for no other reason than me having the same team on more than 2 lines)

    Ive seen ODM complain about stan James etc and i think its an easy and handy way to keep punters aware.
  2. slick

    slick Administrator

    It's on my todo that never get's done list Komp.
    I even bought some 'showcase' software that runs on the forum which I actually made into a 'bookie review' showcase where you can leave feedback.
    I'll get back onto it sometime soon because I had the very same thoughts as you when I bought it.

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