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Discussion in 'British Football Betting' started by slick, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. slick

    slick Administrator

    English Premier League
    04 October 2014

    Kick Off Match Home Draw Away
    15:00 Hull City v Crystal Palace 10/11 12/5 11/4
    15:00 Leicester City v Burnley 8/11 13/5 7/2
    15:00 Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion 4/11 7/2 7/1
    15:00 Sunderland v Stoke City 11/8 9/4 15/8
    15:00 Swansea City v Newcastle United 5/6 5/2 3/1
    17:30 Aston Villa v Manchester City 6/1 3/1 4/9
    05 October 2014
    12:00 Manchester United v Everton 8/11 11/4 10/3
    14:05 Chelsea v Arsenal 4/6 13/5 4/1
    14:05 Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton 11/10 9/4 12/5
    16:15 West Ham v Queens Park Rangers 10/11 5/2 11/4

    Odds Betfred
  2. winrew

    winrew GILF

    Spurs with a Europa League hangover ?
    Or that's the theory from most in the press , Koeman seems to have worked miracles at Southampton since taking over a club that shipped millions of pounds worth of talent.
    They have played mainly lower table teams , the exception being Liverpool , so they could be in a false position in the table.

    Anyway , im going for a Spurs win.

    4/1 on a Arsenal win , terrible last season with the top teams , can this season be any different ? Full of confidence after beating a team of Turkish waiters in the CL but league form looking decidedly dodgey , Chelsea all the way.

    Sunderland , what is it know . five draws so far in the league ?
    Cant see Saturday being any different , Stoke probably wont be looking for three points , so ill chance the draw.

    Not a great price but Leicester should see of Burnley pretty easily.

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    May as well stick my rating predictions in here

    Hull v Palace X 31/30 2/3 bet 10pts draw
    Leic Burnley H 4/5 3/3 bet 20pt home win
    Liv WBA X 9/2 1/3 (favouring home win but prices don't allow for a win no bet) bet 10pt X
    Sund v Stoke A 85/40 1/3 bet Stoke DNB 23/20 10 pts
    Swans v Newc X 11to4 2/3 bet 10 x
    Villa v Man City A 8/15 1/3 bet away 30
    Man U v Everton A 15/4 1/3 bet Ev asian hcap 0.75 evens 10pts
    Chelsea v Arsenal H 7/10 2/3 bet 20pts Chelsea
    Spurs v Soton A 13to5 2/3 bet asian hcap Soton 0.25 43/40 20pts
    WHU v QPR H 19/20 3/3 bet 25 home 19/20
  4. slick

    slick Administrator

    Spurs are renown for European hangovers Winrew, I'd de a tad more confident if Spurs were away from home but it could be one for Southampton on the AH or DNB at a pinch.

    Hull and Leicester look a decent bet to win but I hate backing average teams @ odds on, if they were both at evens it might have tempted me, could do a double I suppose but I wouldn't be surprised to see either team slip up, hence the reason I'll probably leave well alone.

    Liverpool at 4/7 lol, would take a nutter to back them on current form at those odds, value definitely lies with the Baggies and like Howson mentioned to me today 'it's very tempting to take a risk against all odd's but it does take some balls to do it.' and he's dead right where this game is concerned.

    Sunderland v Stoke looks like another game for the black cat's that's likely to end up a draw as Winrew mentions, you just can't see any other result.

    I was also very tempted to back Everton earlier on in the week as this is on paper the first 'decent' side United have played this season and will test Uniteds defence in full on the counter but as Howson reminded me, 'Everton have a trek and half to Russia in the Europa cup to contend with first' which talked me out of it and he's right. (he does come in handy now and again).
    I sill think Everton will get something mind so I'm going to lay United @ odds on.

    Game of the weekend has to be Chelsea v Arsenal and Winrew and ODM I can't see anything other than a Chelski Win.

    I'm also on West Ham at near evens because It won't be long before anybody apart from Burnley will be very short odds on when playing QPR at home they are that shite.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2014
  5. slick

    slick Administrator

    Forgot to mention the Swansea game, I'm very very tempted to back Swansea and expect them to win but I still get that niggling feeling Newcastle are going to get a break sooner rather than later, and a point here wouldn't be a disaster.
  6. Howson

    Howson Active Member

    this premier league is getting harder and harder to predict results, quite a few draws like you mention, is the way to go and i get the feeling sme of the teams are happy to take a draw before they kick off. Finally found some balls on the predictor and gone for a result nobody else will have done.
  7. slick

    slick Administrator

    I always find the first few weeks the hardest, about now you can sort of get a feel of the league and the way games are going to go but you always get one or two that will come back and kick you up the arse, especially those teams in the relegation zone.
    With the big money flying about in the Prem every year is getting more and more difficult to predict as the teams get closer and closer.
    That's why I prefer to look for value rather than the very short odds on shots that aren't as easy to predict as the odds suggest and trying to get your money back following similar picks is even harder.

    Knowing you, It'll either be Newcastle or West Brom.
  8. Howson

    Howson Active Member

    West brom god i wish i had the balls to pick them for an away win, thought very long and hard about it but ultimately couldnt do it
  9. slick

    slick Administrator

    So It's Newcastle then:lol

    It's a ballsy bet no doubt but after the toon's start to the season I'd won't larger odd's but if it's just in the IKTS then fair enough, I would usually say good luck but i've took the easy route and gone Swansea lol.
  10. slick

    slick Administrator

    No spamming please ivo.
    If you want to leave a link put it in your personal profile.

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