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Euro 2012 Top Scorer

Discussion in 'Euro 2012 betting' started by Punter, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    Gomez, Mario 6/1

    Van Persie, Robin 9/1

    Ronaldo, Cristiano 12/1

    Villa, David 14/1

    Klose, Miroslav 14/1

    Llorente, Fernando 16/1

    Huntelaar, Klaas Jan 20/1

    Fabregas, Cesc 20/1

    Muller, Thomas 20/1

    Torres, Fernando 20/1

    Balotelli, Mario 20/1

    Podolski, Lukas 20/1

    Benzema, Karim 20/1

    Soldado, Roberto 20/1

    Pazzini, Gianpaolo 25/1

    Negredo, Alvaro 25/1

    Sneijder, Wesley 25/1

    Di Natale, Antonio 25/1

    Silva, David 28/1

    Gilardino, Alberto 33/1

    Van der Vaart, Rafael 33/1

    De Rossi, Daniele 33/1

    Ibrahimovic, Zlatan 33/1

    Giroud, Olivier 33/1

    Robben, Arjen 33/1

    Rossi, Giuseppe 33/1

    Mata, Juan 33/1

    Rooney, Wayne 40/1

    Schurrle, Andre 40/1

    Cacau, 40/1

    Iniesta, Andres 40/1

    Nani, 40/1

    Pedro, 40/1

    Sturridge, Daniel 40/1

    Almeida, Hugo 40/1

    Remy, Loic 40/1

    Cassano, Antonio 40/1

    Gomis, Bafetimbi 40/1

    Osvaldo, 40/1

    Postiga, Helder 50/1

    Bent, Darren 50/1

    Gameiro, Kevin 50/1

    Liedson, 50/1

    Lewandowski, Robert 50/1

    Ribery, Franck 50/1

    Ozil, Mesut 50/1

    Kuyt, Dirk 50/1

    Pirlo, Andrea 50/1

    Defoe, Jermain 50/1

    Reus, Marco 50/1

    Welbeck, Danny 66/1

    Xavi, 66/1

    Olic, Ivica 66/1

    Lampard, Frank 66/1

    Keane, Robbie 66/1

    Gourcuff, Yoann 66/1

    Walcott, Theo 66/1

    Nasri, Samir 66/1

    Young, Ashley 66/1

    Kerzhakov, Aleksandr 66/1

    Menez, Jeremy 66/1

    Pavlyuchenko, Roman 66/1

    Malouda, Florent 66/1

    Shevchenko, Andriy 66/1

    De Jong, Luuk 66/1

    Devic', Marko 66/1

    Giovinco, Sebastian 80/1

    Pogrebnyak, Pavel 80/1

    Bendtner, Nicklas 80/1

    Gekas, Theofanis 80/1

    Larsson, Sebastian 80/1

    Eduardo, 80/1

    Jelavic, Nikica 80/1

    Gerrard, Steven 80/1

    Aquilani, Alberto 100/1

    Baros, Milan 100/1

    Long, Shane 100/1

    Doyle, Kevin 100/1

    Lafata, David 100/1

    Kroos, Toni 100/1

    Rosicky, Tomas 100/1

    Kalinic, Nikola 100/1

    Mandzukic, Mario 100/1

    Gotze, Mario 100/1

    Fernandes, Manuel 100/1

    Klasnic, Ivan 100/1

    Danny, 100/1

    Zamora, Bobby 100/1

    Carroll, Andy 100/1

    Yarmolenko, Andriy 100/1

    Gomes, Nuno 100/1

    Babel, Ryan 100/1

    Motta, Thiago 100/1

    Johnson, Adam 100/1

    Arshavin, Andrei 100/1

    Cisse, Djibril 100/1

    Dzyuba, Artem 100/1

    Alonso, Xabi 125/1

    Liberopoulos, Nikos 125/1

    Charisteas, Angelos 125/1

    Downing, Stewart 125/1

    Pekhart, Tomas 125/1

    Odds From Betfred, EW: 1/4 1,2,3,4

    I'm going for the obvious choice here, Andy Carroll 4pts EW @ 100/1 :eek:
  2. Yorkieacer


    Robbie Keane @ 66/1 is a nice big price
  3. hotspur

    hotspur Active Member

    This is a market I shall be getting heavily involved in(having now decided to retire at end of the summer due to some great opportunities in this market,county champs. cricket,superleage,formula 1,golf seasonal bets eg race to Dubai and,hopefully,the olympics.:))
    Anyway,as far as Euro top scorer is concerned,I should point out that Gomez is available at 8s with some bookies and 9-1 with 1 having been available as high as 12 (from memory).
    One of the main reasons I like tourny top scorer markets is cos betting isnt suspended during each round of games...making hedging etc much easier.
    With Germany,Portugal and Holland all in the same group,my first bets will be on Villa at 14s!!!,another Spanish striker,the French forwards AND a point each on the main men in the Group of Life-Greece,Russia,Cezc Rep and Poland.
    Assuming theyll be 100-1+.....the logic being that someone in this group could get 5 goals by the quarters and that should guaranttee them a place and even give them a chance of being joint winner.

    But Ill also have something on Gomez at 9-1,you know it makes sense with the season hes had!
  4. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    Good luck Hotspur, i wouldn't disagree with your Gomez call there, he should be thereabouts, class striker.

    Robbie Keane, Yorkie? Ireland wont get out of the group stages will they?
  5. hotspur

    hotspur Active Member

    cheers Punter:)
  6. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    Nikica Jelavic 5pts EW @ 100/1 BetVictor, 1/4 odds, 1,2,3,4
  7. hotspur

    hotspur Active Member

    good shout Punter-um...have to admit I dunno who he plays for:embarassed-sounds croation.
    what u doing up at this hour Punter?
  8. suirthing

    suirthing Member

    Can't agree with Yorkie on Robbie Keane, yes he has a great record for Ireland by any International standards, but goals in this tournament will be hard to come by for Ireland. More than likely we will have 3 draws.
    Ireland - Spain 0-0 (this would be like a victory for us)
    Ireland - Italy 0-0 (we do not fear the Italians as we have a good record here, they will not fancy playing us actually and they are beatable)
    Ireland - Croatia 1-1 (although this is the one we will be targeting for 3 points, this should be a more open game)

    It will not be Jelavic either, there will be no shit defenders like Johnny Evans at this tournament. In a small tournament like this you must look at the side that will go a long way, Robin Van Persie for me, Hollland beaten WC finalists, cruised through the qualification phase to this tournament, and Van Persie is in goodform.
  9. hotspur

    hotspur Active Member

    I know yorkies punting doesnt have the best reputation on here but Shirley that was a joke about Robbie Keane

    hmmm so jelavic is 100-1 cos hes in with Spain and Italy,tsk-nothing gets past the bookies
  10. suirthing

    suirthing Member

    The is no joke when it comes to Robbie, absolute legend 53 international goals in 115 appearances! I am surprised that you should mention Robbie Keane as a joke 'Hotspur' he is a legend at 'The Lane' also :)[​IMG]
  11. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    Fellas, it would be foolish to write too much off in the Euro's, Denmark and Greece have upset in the past and while Croatia dont look strong in particular there's nothing cast iron to say they cant qualify. If they have a goalscorer or two in the team anything is possible and Jelavic could turn out to be the best thing since Davor Suker.

    You'd have to say Spain looks favourites but France's domination tailed off after winning the Euros and W.Cup and it's not impossible for that to happen to Spain, they my have have tired legs from a long season ending just before the euro's with a CL Final. They could get caught out, though i agree it's probably unlikely, though not impossible. Italy are not as convincing as they were of old and who knows how any team will fare in these two eastern european countries. Nothing is impossible and if Croatia do make it through the group stages it could be because of the goals from Jelavic. At 100/1, 1/4 odds and 4 places i think he could be a bit of place value.
  12. hotspur

    hotspur Active Member

    I wasnt writing him off as such Punter-he may indeed be value and,as Ive already said,Germany,Holland and Portugal being in the same group means it can pay to look elsewhere for ones first bets in this market.

    And,dear God,suirthing,Im not saying Robbie is a joke,Im saying that yorkie may have been joking...though now Im not sure...somehow I think Id want 100-1+

    Of course anyone could win it...well,anyone except England,natch
  13. hotspur

    hotspur Active Member

    betfred are offering Benzema at 4-1 for top French scorer on their website until 2pm-maximum stake £50

    looks like the price will be 5-2 after 2pm
    the offer flashes up on the home page

    apologies if someone has already pointed this out-no time to check
  14. Kegman

    Kegman Moderator

    Ladbrokes offer is (odds on card holders only) if you bet £20 on a player to be top goalscorer you get a free £5 bet for every goal they score.

    I've done Gomez @ 8/1 as I think the Germans will do well
  15. poltmcm

    poltmcm dilligaf

    Miroslav Klose alway's there or there abouts looks decent value @16's and Jan Klaas Huntelaar @16's look like good E/W bets these two were also top scorers in qualifying stages 9 and 12 respectively. Also need to add to Keane who was on 7 same as David Villa and Ronaldo !! so don't write him off either.

    I've backed Klose,Huntelaar and Van persie all EW small side bet on keane
  16. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    But in qualifying, every team plays the same number of games, whereas in the finals Ireland most likely won't be playing as many games as the likes of Holland, Germany, Spain, etc.

    Huntelaar was on my short list too, both for overall top scorer and top Dutch scorer, plus Postiga for top Portuguese scorer and Xabi Alonso as top Spanish scorer (he's the designated penalty taker)
    poltmcm likes this.
  17. hotspur

    hotspur Active Member

    wont Germany be playing with Gomez as the lone striker with Ozil playing further forward than he does for Real?Or is everything I read on the other forums wrong?

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    I'm amazed that 6/1 is still available on Gomez given that he's got one in the bag and Germany look pretty strong after the first round of matches.

    Lumped on ew.
  19. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    In a very good position now ODM. 5 shots, 3 goals and available to lay at just over evens. I take it you wont bother though, cause of having him e.w? Good stuff.

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    No sod the lay mate. Two more goals and I'm expecting at least a share of first place.
    Punter likes this.

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