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Football Betting Fri 22nd Nov to 27th Nov 2019

Discussion in 'Football Betting' started by slick, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. slick

    slick Administrator

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    Odds Bet365

    odds are correct at time of publishing (21:35 on 18/11/2019) and subject to change.
  2. slick

    slick Administrator

    Week 14 table:

    1. Slick 51.67
    2. Howson 50.24
    3. Traeth 49.05
    4. Nawoo 44.92
    5. Topdog 43.67
    6. Winrew 41.47
    7. Kristobal 41.03
    8. Newman 37.57
    9. ODM 36.29
    10. Kegman 35.02
    11. Rcgills 33.14

    Highest weekly score: Kristobal 11.33 (week 9)
  3. kristobal

    kristobal Member

    Tottenham @ 1.90
    Leicester @ 2.05
    Watford @ 2.15
    Derby @ 2.70
    Bolton @ 3.60
  4. slick

    slick Administrator

    Bournemouth X @ 3.30
    Leicester 2 @ 2.05
    Sheff U X @ 3.20
    Villa X @ 3.40
    Bolton 2 @ 3.60

  5. newman200

    newman200 OTC

    Hull City [a] 2.80
    FGR [a] 2.50
    Dag & Redbridge [a] 3.50
    Woking [a] 2.50
    Yeovil [a] 3.10

    Guys, don't forget to enter your Champions League forecasts for Tuesday & Wednesday.
  6. Kegman

    Kegman Moderator

    Leicester 2.05
    Man Utd 2.10
    Forest Green 2.50
    Swansea 1.90
    Solihull 2.55

  7. traeth

    traeth Moderator

    Man U @ 2.10
    West Ham v Spurs @ 3.60
    Brentford v Reading @ 3.25
    Huddersfield @ 2.55
    Preston @ 2.60
  8. Topdog

    Topdog Moderator

    Doncaster @ 3
    Colchester @ 2.9
    Chesterfield @ 3.3
    Yeovil @ 3.1
    Strasbourg @ 3.3
  9. slick

    slick Administrator


    Eredivisie by special request for Howson.
    He must have a belting bet lined up for us:)
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  10. nawoo

    nawoo Active Member

    Chelsea @ 6.5
    Heerenveen @ 7
    Montpellier @ 3
    Dijon @ 2.9
    West Ham @ 3.8
  11. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    Are PSV putting out a youth team and Heerenveen will be 1.5 by Sunday morning? :leaving
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  12. slick

    slick Administrator

    My Money's on Heracles as there's rumour of a mumps epidemic in Amsterdam.

    Come on Howson spill the beans, I've got fifty quid burning a hole in my pocket.
  13. Howson

    Howson Well-Known Member

    Ha ha i hope so, and the Heerenveen are 4.1 at kick off
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  14. Howson

    Howson Well-Known Member

    Huddersfield 1 @ 2.50
    Forest Green 2 @ 2.50
    Northampton 1 @ 2.00
    Getafe 2 @ 2.87
    Heerenveen 2 @ 7.00

  15. slick

    slick Administrator

    Tough week in the Prem betting wise.
    The Hammers could have been worth a shout until Mourinhio was appointed Spurs manager which has thrown the game up into the air and now it's not worth touching with a barge pole.

    Arsenal should win but how many times have they let us down this season, at those odds I'd leave well alone.

    Bournemouth v Wolves
    Watford v Burnley
    Villa v Newcastle
    Are all games I have on my draw shortlist, I'd add Man United to that list but with the run of form they have had lately I have to make them slight favourites but have no confidence in backing them, should they win this mind then Ole may well be taking them in the right direction.

    If I had a pick of the weekend @ decent odds it would probably be Leicester, it's hard to back against them at the moment and they are riding a wave of confidence.

    Can't see Palace troubling Liverpool, City the other week proved they are no longer the same team at home as they used to be and I see Liverpool disposing of them the same way.

    Everton too should see off Norwich who are struggling more and more as the season goes on but I couldn't touch them at those odds until they show a lot more consistency.

    Same with City v Chelsea, with City's current defence those odds should be a closer.
    Chelsea aren't current above City in the league on luck, they are working hard and picking up results.
    City on the other hand are going into games looking to roll over teams and coming unstuck with the opposition break, seems any team breaking against City usually has a shot on goal which is a dangerous game to play.

    I think the value here lies with the X2 but with this game coming on the back of City's defeat to Liverpool then I'd be cautious of a back lash from City and I'd expect lampard to be wary of it too, so it could be a cagey game and not one I'd be willing to put money on or put in an accy thinking City are a cert at those odds.
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  16. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    Leicester @ 2.05
    Sheffield Utd @ 3.6
    Shrewsbury @ 2.3
    Coventry @ 4.33
    Alcorcon @ 3.75
  17. winrew

    winrew GILF

    Carlisle @ 2.30
    Sheffield United @ 3.60
    Amiens @ 2.25
    Crystal palace @ 7.00
    Northampton @ 2.00
  18. slick

    slick Administrator


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