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Football Predictions

Discussion in 'System Proofing' started by Abizanne, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Abizanne

    Abizanne New Member

    Hi there, I am new to this forum and wish to introduce myself.

    I am from South-Africa and have been trying to work out some predictions on Football matches.

    I have looked at what is available out there and have seen that most guys do only certain leagues from certain countries. That got me thinking why that would be. Obviously, availability of bets plays a part as well as maybe the ability of a punter to watch the game live, etc.

    Considering this and also that there is hundreds of matches per day, I tried to develop a system that basically predicts only BTTS, Over\Under, and in which halves a goal will be scored.

    As an example, for today, there are 102 Predictions on matches worldwide, I will post the file here for interest sake, and would like to have constructive feedback if possible. I know there will always be haters and negatives, but to be able to give constructive feedback maketh the man....

    So have a look and thank you in advance.
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  2. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    No offence Abizanne, but with it being your first post, and not knowing anything about you and how trustworthy you may or may not be, I've deleted the file you added to avoid any risk of anyone downloading anything that then turns out to have some kind of virus. If you want to copy and paste your predictions directly into the forum, feel free.

    Good luck, and welcome to Betnod
  3. Steve_uk

    Steve_uk Well-Known Member BANNED

    I thought that Sid James story might drum up interest from South Africa. But RC is very wise to delay awhile. They don't just let anyone in you know.
  4. Abizanne

    Abizanne New Member

    No worries bud, better safe than sorry.

    I will post today's stuff in a bit.
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  5. Abizanne

    Abizanne New Member

    Hi Guys, it took me a while but here it is as I said, let me know what you think about. It would be very interesting to know your opinion and I wanted as well to check the results all together with y'all..

    Here I post my predictions for 17,18,19,20,21 October 2016

    Have a great day.
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  6. Abizanne

    Abizanne New Member

    So day 1....

    After taking off postponements and cancelled games, there remained 116 predictions for the day, of which 94 won.

    That is just over 80%. I am thinking that the guidelines set is pretty good. Some odds are a little restrictive but timing of bets also plays a part I think.
  7. prof24

    prof24 New Member

    In fact, there are no 100% winning strategies, so do not really hope so.
  8. rick

    rick New Member

    It is all about homework. Do it properly and your opportunities will be better then usual. Ill suggest to go deep in statistics.
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