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Format and rules

Discussion in 'FREE CASH WORLD CUP KOMP 2018' started by ONEDUNME, May 25, 2018.


    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Everyone with more than 20 posts welcome to enter. There will be cash prizes but they have yet to be decided and, in any event, I know that the regulars are in it for the glory rather than the cash.

    Competition starts on Thursday 14th of June but you can enter after that and try to play catchup if you like.

    Similar format to the Euro 2016 comp in that there will be a cut off point and then the people at the top of the table will be cut adrift from the riff raff to go forward to fight it out to the death. How many go through will depend upon the number of entries, as will the format from then on. If four go through to the next round, then the person with the most points after the first stage will play the person who finishes fourth highest.

    Same scoring rules to the regular comp' apply in terms of maximum odds (6/1) and settlement/returns will not include your stake. As an example, if you back something at 2/1, you will only be allocated 2 points if it wins and not 3 with your stake back. Also as an example, if you back something at 8 to one and it wins, you will only be allocated 6pts as that is the maximum that can be scored in any one game.

    Everyone needs to make a prediction for every game before the kick off.

    Each game will have a thread and everyone should post their selection in that thread.

    You can choose from the following bets but do bear in min that the maximum points you can gain from one game is 6 (which would be a 6/1 bet - 7.0 decimal)

    You have 1 point to stake on each game. No bet means you lose the stake as if you had backed a loser. Odds will be posted in the threads in advance and will be at odds posted in the thread regardless of any market movement.

    You can choose from the following bets
    Half time/Full time
    Over/Under 2.5 goals
    Both Teams to score
    Double chance (effectively backing two of the three possible outcomes)

    To be decided, depending upon numbers but the Top 4 after the group stages will probably go into a head to head play-off format for the 8 games of the next round and the two winners of those head to heads going up against each other for the quarters, semis and the final to see who wins.

    The above are all subject to change before the off, based on further discussion so please check in before the big day.
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    I think it's best we sticky this.
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