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Free Cash Komp 2018/19 - Week 24 - 4th-7th Jan '19

Discussion in 'FREE CASH KOMP 2019/20' started by Punter, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. kristobal

    kristobal Member


    first career win!

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  2. Punter

    Punter Moderator


    You've included Liverpool in most of your selections this season, mainly opposing them. Easy to see why you're bottom :lol
    Ban yourself from including them and i'm sure you'll climb the table :lol
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  3. newman200

    newman200 OTC


    Sorry but not so.
    Check out thread
    Free Cash Komp 2018/19 - Week 21 - 21st -23rd Dec'18
    top score for that week with 6 pts.
    But do please celebrate your second top score of season. :thumb

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