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Free Cash Komp week 13, 27–30th October 2017

Discussion in 'FREE CASH KOMP 2017/18' started by Punter, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. newman200

    newman200 TomCat

    Ah yes but it was not TopDog who wrote :)
  2. newman200

    newman200 TomCat

    Just a bit off topic but I have just joined an FA Cup competition on a football forum.
    Basically all players get £500 to invest on a team winning in Cup during every round.
    I've put £200 on Bradford. Some other have lumped all their money on what they think is a sure fire winner.
    Punter with biggest pot after Cup Final will be declared winner.
    Looks fun although far too late to introduce it on Betnod.

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Nice theories. Very nice, but what hasn't been built into the equations is that I have not only the highest score over the 13 weeks so far but also (I think anyway:lookaround) the second highest score as well. So all I have to do is to let you lot scramble around picking up scraps and then BAN G! I just throw in a nice biggie again and I'm off into the distance.

    All I have to do is to pick my own selections instead of just going with the ones that my cat happens to drop its catfood on on my coupon and it's all over. I'm just hanging back to make it interesting. Who wants a seasonal competition that's settled even before the Scottish Premiership:wasnme
  4. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    Updated scores and table after tonight's games

    Week 13 final scores:

    Topdog 7.3 (Brentford, Southend, Ipswich, Leicester)
    Punter 4.55 (draws at Brighton and Birmingham)
    Newman 4.42 (Bristol C, Forest Green, Swindon)
    Nawoo 3.75 (Peterborough, draw at Eibar)
    Howson 2.75 (Wigan draw)
    Rcgills 2.75 (Lugo, Burnley)
    Winrew 2.75 (draw at Schalke)
    Kegman 2.6 (Swindon, Juve)
    ODM 1.3 (Middlesbrough)
    Traeth 1.15 (Notts County)
    Slick 1.1 (Leicester)

    Week 13 table:

    1. ODM 59.77
    2. Topdog 45.59
    3. Winrew 37.64
    4. Newman 37.51
    5. Rcgills 35.85
    6. Nawoo 34.48
    7. Traeth 33.98
    8. Howson 31.02*
    9. Kegman 30.10
    10. Punter 29.75
    11. Slick 20.05
    12. Kristobal 4.89

    Top weekly scorer: ODM 17.44pts (week 8)
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  5. slick

    slick Administrator

    Nice score TD.

    I think the Handicap is about right now and time for me to start getting serious:wasnme
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