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Horse Racing Bets 6th May 2022

Discussion in 'Horse Racing & Greyhound Tips' started by SAMOAN, May 6, 2022.


    SAMOAN Moderator

    Ton again for today, but lacking time, so apologies for the lack of detail -

    11.35 Fairview - HONEST QUEST and TWICE A SAINT at 5's and 20's respectively.

    1.55 Fairview - IRISH RAIN at 4's

    2.30 Fairview - DIAMONDS AND TOADS at 20's

    2.50 Ascot - SHIKHOVA at 3's

    3.35 Rasen - CRAKEHALL LAD at 100's

    3.40 Fairview - PHEDRA at 25's

    3.45 Chester - KING OF STARS - Massive drifter to 22's, but can't ignore at said price.

    4.00 Ascot - AMERICAN STAR at 25's

    4.35 Ascot - LATIN LOVER at 16's

    5.10 Ascot - MANY A STAR at 3's

    5.30 Cork - RELEVANT RANGE (12's into 4's) and OTTEY at 40's.

    7.50 Downpatrick - FOUR COUNTRY ROADS at 8's

    8.20 Downpatrick - BELLA BLISS and PENTHOUSE POPPET at 12's and 40's respectively.

    8.30 Cork - PARISLIGHTS at 6's

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