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Hotspur/komp Poker Backing Thread

Discussion in 'Poker talk and strategy' started by kompressaur, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. kompressaur

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    Sorry Hotspur i will endeavur to get this going as im sick of treading water. If you want a bit of exctiment then im your man and not only do you get excitement you get MORE money to play with.

    I'lll need to look here more but the general gist is 50/50

    I dont mind helping you out if your banned from x bookie if that does help. I need to play at ipoker due to hand histories. I want nothing to do witht the cash side of things i just want to play at higher stakes and i think MTT wise i could hold my own up to $100 buyins.

    Its a thrill for us both but i can inderstand if the drink made you suggest it. If its not for you then fair play. Ive a small bankroll that will keep me to the 1-3$ stakes and pay for afternoon buffets and research chemicals. I WILL NOT be drinking as i play although maybe a coule of cans near final able will let me play as i do without the scare.

    Lets see whats happens and if it doesnt materialise then fair play we errrrr at least considered it.

    Im in a far better place today than ive ever been to make soeone money at poker as I REALLY NEED THE RETURNS.

    Lets see what happens if anything at all.
  2. kompressaur

    kompressaur spam removed by komp

    To tell you the truth if this doesnt happen then im offski. Im gonna become a tramp. Ive enough there to get my tablet out of Cash Convertors and im gonna make my website just about me hitting the road. I cant go on like this. Even at best its shit. I cant/wont live a life like this this. Poker is great if you can afford the bad runs and im sick of living with them. The best thing i can think of is being a 'decent tramp'. One that speaks to people and tries to help them. Ill even play them at chess if they want. Ive failed society and it's failed me. I cant be bothered weathering the storm anymore. I want to just lay down and take whats coming to me.

    Ive enough there to feed me through the making of my website. Ill think and buy a name before i go. Ideally i'd make loads of money but its all just so much bother. Ive experienced 'ego death' and it lives with me. Im not gonna try anymore. My family don't believe in me and i have got rid of all my friends. If you dont mind i'll post my new site on here and you can keep up with me. Heh you can can even pop ito town if im near you send and ill try help you along the way. This man has gave up. Too much 'Bargain Hunt' and not enough lfe.

    For the next 2 weeks i gonna create a website all about ME not about anyone else. I need the path of least resistance.

    That all said ill find my feet and work like a cunt for Hotspur and me but....... the writing is on the wall. There is more than one way to kill yourself. I aint for dying but i dont care much for trying to live.

    We've all had our ups and downs and i love you all. Im just a fanatic in whatever i do and people find that hard to grasp and thus the fights.

    Anyhowhow im gonna get to work on my website and in a couple of weeks im gonna start giving it some content. It aint gonna be easy but its easier than trying to keep a flat and keep a benefit. Fuck a job would be toooooo much.

    Ill be back i a few days after some hard graft and tell you where its gonna be. Hotspur id love a last chance of hanging onto life but i dont expect anything from anyone. Im a man out of time and the time is certainly not mine. Still i can suggest scottish ante post bets from wherevever i am.

    Yes, hard work is required and i need to finally make a website. I just hope that scotland stays with england or else ill be nothing moe than an Romanian peddling his wares im Wells (and other nice places)

    Society hasnt failed me rather ive failed society. That all said Hotspur if you want to give it a go then ill be playing like a man possessed.

    This is not goodbye merely a step in the wrong direction.
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  3. kompressaur

    kompressaur spam removed by komp

    if you havet watched "John Dies At The End" then i recommend it. My new site could be "komp dies at the the end" lol

    actually here it it is. One of the best movies ive seen in a long long time

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