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I Know The Score 2017/18 - Paid Entry

Discussion in 'I know The Score' started by slick, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. newman200

    newman200 TomCat

    Hi guys,

    A friend of mine has started a World Cup forecast competition on the 'Predict Addict' website.
    15 signed up so far.

    If you guys are interested details are as follows:

    She writes: -
    I've been using Predict Addict for ages (PL and Euro's) because they've always been reliable and also have mini-leagues.

    I've set up a World Cup mini-league for us. Trying to beat each other will give us something to do while we're waiting for August.

    Once registered for Predict Addict, you can edit your forename and surname to forum name (or anything else!)

    Then click on mini-leagues and join.

    Pin. no: 17037

    No prizes. Just the prestige of winning.

    The more the merrier!

  2. traeth

    traeth Moderator

    I've just joined
    I beleieve I have some credit from this season's comp , if appropriate slick can deduct my entry fee from that
  3. slick

    slick Administrator

    Have you lol:thinking
    If so np's mate I'll get it sorted when I get a spare 6 hrs to go back through last yrs comps:lol

    Dropped a bollock tonight, only put my gurantee chip on France rather than my bleeding banker bonus by mistake:banghead
  4. Howson

    Howson Active Member

    Another hard luck story

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