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Insure Bets Against Blown Calls By Referees!

Discussion in 'Betting Offers' started by BetterBetWes, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. BetterBetWes

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    Wesley C. Dorsey Jr.
    Hobby Inventor
    San Diego, CA

    Advance Preview and Q&A for Better Bet Insurance/Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign

    San Diego, CA – October 1, 2013 – Better Bet Insurance, a patent pending invention that allows bettors to insure their bets against bad calls made by referees will be launching an Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign to secure funding necessary for global patent protection.

    Prior to the general opening of the campaign on October 8, 2013, I would like to invite you to preview the crowd funding site by using the following link:


    There you can review more detailed information on Better Bet Insurance. I would greatly appreciate your questions, comments, and general feedback on the concept of Better Bet Insurance as this will help me to better explain the concept to the general public. Of course you have my express permission this information if you choose to write an article of interest to you readers/subscribers.

    Better Bet Insurance is a computerized method of determining a premium for a Better Bet Insurance policy. Better Bet Insurance policies can be taken out on a variety of wagers placed on some aspect of a sporting event, such as who will win the game, who will score the first points, who will score the most points, the outcome of an opening coin toss, etc.

    Better Bet Insurance provides a benefit to the insured in the event a bad call is made by a judging official during the course of play of a sporting event in which a covered wager has been placed.

    Premiums for Better Bet Insurance are determined by compiling statistics for the performance of judging officials over the course of sporting seasons. These statistics can then be used as a basis for actuarial tables utilized in determining premiums for Better Bet Insurance policies. Using the National Football League as an example, statistics for referees could include items such as the number of calls made, the number of bad calls made, the number of bad calls overturned on booth review or coach’s challenge, the number and type of calls made by referees such as false starts, off sides, illegal motion, pass interference, etc.

    A person wishing to purchase Better Bet Insurance for a wager can simply access a computing device, self serve kiosk, or counter person with access to a computing device. The bettor provides certain information on the wager they wish to insure such as the sporting event, the date of the sporting event, the amount of the wager, the amount of desired coverage. Once this information is entered into a computing device, the computing device determines the necessary premium based on the actuarial tables stored in its memory. The computing device presents the premium information to the bettor and if desired, the bettor can then pay for the Better Bet Insurance policy and the policy will be issued.

    If during the course of the covered sporting event, a bad call is made by a judging official in which an insured wager is lost, the insured simply files a claim on the Better Bet Insurance policy. The Better Bet Insurance policy and the bad call event in question are reviewed by insurance adjusters to determine if a benefit is to be paid. If the bad call in question is validated under the terms of the insurance policy, the bettor is paid all benefits provided under the policy.

    Patent Agent services for Better Bet Insurance will be provided by Mark Nowotarski of Markets, Patents & Alliances, LLC.

    Wesley C. Dorsey Jr.
    San Diego, CA

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    I'm not even going to delete this spam on the basis that anyone dumb enough to even think about using it deserves to lose everything they've got.

    What a load of complete and utter fucking bollocks. People are still arguing about decisions made last weekend after watching it a thousand times. In sport, there is often no correct answer.

    What do your insurance clowns do then? I'll tell you what they do...

    So they work out which result is likely to turn out to make them the most money and they declare that to be the correct decision.

    I hope you get more success finding idiots in the US. I suspect you probably will.
  3. BetterBetWes

    BetterBetWes New Member


    Hi Onedunme,

    Thanks for your input, and I appreciate your not deleting my post. But my goal behind this campaign really is to put the power in the hands of the bettor and I think you have a valid point about money making the final decision as opposed to fact. You're also right that some instances in sport where a clear cut decision simply can't be made. But in a clear cut situation where a referee is just flat wrong, a bettor has an option to regain there loss in such an event. Thanks again for not deleting my post.

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