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Discussion in 'Eurovision 2012 Betting' started by Gavster, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Gavster

    Gavster Novelty & Proud

    flag_netherlands.png We have some songs, well snippets!

    The finalists are;

    1. Rafaëlla Paton – Chocolate (Winner of Pop Idol 2004).
    Written by Jan Rooymans, Chris Silos

    2. Joan Franka – You and Me (Eliminated from 5th week of The Voice, Netherlands).
    Written by Joan Franka, Jessica Hogeboom

    3. Ivan Peroti – Take me as I am (Established artist)
    Written by Alain Clark, Steve Diamond, Ben Caver

    4. Pearl Jozefson – We can overcome (2nd in The Voice Netherlands)
    Written by Gordon Groothedde, Curtis Richardson

    5. Tim Douwsma – Undercover Lover (5th in So you Want to be a Pop Star 2007)
    Written by Bruce R.F. Smith, Michel van der Zanden

    6. Kim de Boer – Children of the World (3rd in The Voice Netherlands).
    Written by Martijn Schimmer

    Listen to them by clicking here

    First impressions suggest a decent selection. I'm looking forward to hearing the full versions now. By the way, the songs are not played in order, so you'll have to listen for the artist's name.
  2. Beanie

    Beanie Member

    #4 and #6 sound quite similar stylewise, hopefully neither is chosen as they would bomb in the televote.

    #1 we dont get much of but its a female singing a dance song which isnt promising for Eurovision.

    #5 the worst of the lot.

    #3 sounds like a cutout early 2000s chart entry, and unfortunately will prob get chosen, altho the dutch are often quite quirky.

    Personally I hope they go with #2 - depending on the rest of the song it might not work or be done in too playful a way, but based on those 5 seconds it sounds the most promising to me.

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