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Discussion in 'Eurovision 2012 Betting' started by Gavster, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Gavster

    Gavster Novelty & Proud


    Joan Franka has won the Dutch selection with the song, You and Me. It’s an American inspired Country song, but the confusing part is why she’s wearing a Native Indian headdress singing a cowboy song?

    The Netherlands are in a bad group to qualify from, having lots of competition from various voting blocs.

    The Country genre isn’t what we would term as the Eurovision vernacular. There have been a few Country inspired songs in the Scadi pre-selections, but listening to this, I’m looking at semi final 2 excitedly rubbing my hands thinking I’ll get some good non qualification odds on Netherlands!
  2. Beanie

    Beanie Member

    That one was my fav from the small clips released pre selection - but live it doesnt work at all.
  3. Rob44

    Rob44 Member

    ffs :duh. are the dutch too whacked out on dope to come up with anything useful? buffy saint marie... it's not. won't qualify.

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