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NFL 2019/20

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by SAMOAN, Oct 2, 2019.


    SAMOAN Moderator

    Finally got round to Super League at the weekend and with the season heading into week 5, this is also well overdue. Surprisingly there are just 3 undefeated teams left with the identity of 2 of them ( New England and Kansas City ) no great surprise. San Francisco are the other team without a blemish on their record, but they have just played the 3 games. The majority of the usual suspects are up there, but surprisingly the LA Chargers ( 2 wins ) and the Atlanta Falcons ( 1 win ) are struggling a bit.

    Week 5 sees the first of this year's London games, with my beloved Oakland Raiders up against the Chicago Bears. Oakland have 2 wins, but have lost linebacker Vontaze Burfict to a season long suspension and are facing 3 ex Raiders in London, in the shape of Kicker Eddy Pinero, Receiver Cordarrelle Patterson and of course All - Pro defender Khalil Mack. The Raiders did get a couple of first round picks for Mack, but the decision to trade him does still rankle with a lot of the fan base.

    Just seen bits of the build up and most of it surrounds Burfict and Mack, but obviously there is plenty more to the match up than that. Can't see a score - fest, but do feel both sides will get into the late teens / early 20's. The Bears look likely to be starting their back up QB in Chase Daniel and the Raider defence did show improvement last week, so hopefully Oakland come out on top. If I remember correctly Pete is a Bears fan, so I assume he will be confident of a win as well.
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  2. Pete89

    Pete89 Member

    Haha yeah your memory’s correct. I’ve just got into London for the game tomorrow. Having a couple of bets on the game.

    Mack 2+ sacks @ 3.5
    Under 30.5 @ 4.33
    Bears to win by 1-6 @4.5

    SAMOAN Moderator

    Raiders win 24-21. As ever they made it hard on themselves, but they kept fighting and got the W.

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