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Petes 2013/14 Picks

Discussion in 'System Proofing' started by Pete89, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Pete89

    Pete89 Active Member

    Going to use this thread for all my football and NFL picks for the season ahead. Carrying on from last year, I've refined my Football approach from a scattergun of various scores to an easy to use spreadsheet with prices for every CS, 12X, O/U2.5 and every asian handicap. I'm pretty proud of it I must say, it has little drop down menus and it automatically works it all out. It truly is a work of art. Anyway, I'll be focusing on Asian handicaps probably for the football.

    With the NFL picks, I'm going to try a new way to work it out, hopefully it'll work rather well. I'll be posting my picks for the NFL games tomorrow, but I'll start today with this weekends Prem games.

    All bets will be 2% of the bank. (I like to be less in the first couple of weeks so I'll start from a bank of 100pts and add 100pts each week for 3/4 weeks)
  2. Pete89

    Pete89 Active Member

    Starting Bank 100 pts
    2% = 2pts

    Man Utd vs Crystal Palace - Crystal Palace +1.5 @ 2.31
    Aston Villa vs Newcastle - Aston Villa -0.5 @ 2.23
    Fulham vs WBA - Fulham -0.5 @ 2.2
    Hull vs Cardiff - No Bet
    Stoke vs Man City - Man City -1 @ 2.18
    Sunderland vs Arsenal - Sunderland +0.5 @ 2.22
    Tottenham vs Norwich - Norwich +1 @ 2.27
    Everton vs Chelsea - Everton +0 @ 2.54
    Southampton vs West Ham - No Bet
    Swansea vs Liverpool - Liverpool -0.5 @ 2.19

    Total staked 16pts
  3. Pete89

    Pete89 Active Member

    NFL Thursday

    Baltimore @ Denver - Baltimore +6.5 @2.1

    staked 2pts
  4. Pete89

    Pete89 Active Member


    SR 0/1
    Profit -2pts
    Bank 48pts
  5. Pete89

    Pete89 Active Member

    NFL For Sunday/Monday

    Buffalo+8.5 @2.0
    Tennessee +6 @2.01
    Atlanta +3 @2.03
    NY Jets +3 @2.15
    Jacksonville +3.5 @2.0
    Carolina +3 @2.04
    Oakland +9.5 @2.02
    NY Giants +3 @2.07
    San Diego +3 @2.21

    all 2pts
  6. Pete89

    Pete89 Active Member


    +0.36 pts

    Overall NFL
    SR: 4/5/1
    P/L: -1.64pts
    Bank: 98.36pts

    I'm not going to increase the bank until next week (after my first found of Premiership matches) so tonight bet is

    NY Jets +10 @ 2.12