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Super League XXIV

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by SAMOAN, Mar 15, 2019.


    SAMOAN Moderator

    Seven Weeks in, so long overdue a mention. No surprises at the top of the table with St Helens unbeaten and Warrington and Castleford close behind. Plenty going on at the bottom however with Wigan, Leeds and Huddersfield filling the final 3 places. Newly promoted London have exceeded expectations with 3 wins and hard to get a grip on what most of the other clubs are doing. Hull FC looked to be picking up, but have just lost to Wakefield and their cross town rivals at Hull KR level with them on points. Salford have looked good in patches and whilst they gave Leeds their only win to date, they came up with the most shocking scoreline of the season last week, by going over to France and thrashing Catalans 46-0.

    The Super and Middle 8's are gone this year and it is back to one up one down and a 5 team play off series. 29 game season, so plenty of time to go, but at the moment an established team being relegated looks a real possibility.
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  2. slick

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    Too true Samoan.
    I've watched it in fits and starts this season cause I've been preoccupied one way or another but seeing the results have left me scratching my head because they have not been the norm.

    The way things are going it could be one of the most even seasons across the board for a long while.

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