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The Bruce & 1982.....

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by swooperman, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. slick

    slick Administrator

    Aye, Doug was part of the furniture at Villa for years, didn't realise he was so old.
  2. swooperman

    swooperman Resident nob

    Doug Ellis -
    Cons -
    First football club director to pay himself a salary, not a nominal one either
    Possibly the first football club director to have a stand named after himself whilst still alive
    First chairman 1968-75, booted out of the position & then ousted from the board entirely in 1979
    Served on the board then at Birmingham, Wolves & Derby. No problem with a businessman making money but don't serve on the board at 2 of your biggest local rivals & then carry yourself as Mr Aston Villa!
    Took back over just after we won the European Cup in 1982, stayed until 2006. Sacked the manager Tony Barton 18 months after winning the cup, finishing 6th & 10th in those 2 seasons. Watched the team get broken up & saw us relegated within 5 years.
    Refused Tony Barton a testimonial when he fell ill & was unable to work, he died shortly afterwards.

    Pro-s -
    Did a fair amount for charity
    Kept us solvent
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