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This Neatly Sums up my Experiences on Gambling Forums

Discussion in 'Betting Talk' started by hotspur, May 19, 2015.

  1. hotspur

    hotspur Active Member

    Some time ago a poster on a forum ,being convinced that it's impossible to make a living betting on football,offered a bet.

    500 euros to anyone who could make a specified profit over 12 months.A relatively modest profit I have to tell you but which I won't specify as apparently gamblers on some forums( but not all by the way) get very upset if you mention even quite modest sums .

    I accepted the bet although I did demure for a while because I knew this person would get to see my actual bets placed at the bookies.

    He subsequently made it a condition that at no point could I go more than a specified amount of money down or else the bet was forfeit.

    Thus effectively he was telling me what my bank must be!

    He claimed that " no professional gambler would go more than that amount down" so it's a reasonable condition.Bear in mind that the amount was in fact equal to the profit I would need to make which, as I've said,was quite modest.

    Incredibly he also told me that I could ONLY bet with pinnacle and one other Asian hcp type bookie.

    When I pointed out that these bookies don't do the bets I specialise in he said I can't be a successful bettor since, if I was, there was no way any normal bookie would take my bets.

    At this point I decided I was clearly dealing with one of the most pig ignorant cunts I've ever had the misfortune to deal with on gambling forums and left it there.

    I recently read the rest of the thread and he clearly thinks I chickened out!

    I was curious enough to read his other posts on the forum and it transpires that he's one of those intelligent men who,because they know they're soooooo smart,mistakenly believe that because THEY can't make gambling pay( he admits to having tried every ratings system going and clearly knows a lot about statistics,logic and maths-in fact his posts are well worth reading) surely no one else can.

    So fucking what you no doubt ask?

    I will tell you.

    As I've mentioned before on here,up until 2009 it was incredibly easy to make serious money from betting on each way antepost accumulators.

    So much value was there in the place part of long term markets and for so long into the season were you able to bet to 3 places thst you could almost cover every possible combination of the top teams and still make a profit.

    And I could never understand how it could possibly be that such an easy way of making money could exist for so many years.

    But having encountered CLOSED MINDED CUNTS like this character I think only now do I begin to understand.
    I mean,as I've said,he's clearly intelligent. And because of this his posts get respect on forums.

    And so anyone claiming he's wrong would simply not be believed.

    Of course they could do threads to show they are right.

    But why would I or anyone else want to show him he's wrong( unless there's money on it of course).

    Every single year that he carries on believing he's right is costing him ( assuming as I do that he has a decent income and spare cash) £1000s.

    (Having said that,if he thinks he's heard the last of this he's completely wrong yet again.)

    (Okie dokie,sorry about this rant.I wouldn't be able to use the word cunt on the other forum and I very rarely refer to specific individuals as cunt anyway but I really needed to get this off my chest.)
  2. hotspur

    hotspur Active Member

    NB I wasn't able to edit the above for some reason.

    I just wanted to add that I do of bourse realise that most gamblers believe that bookies ban all winning bettors.

    The thing is though that THAT is one of the main bloody reasons that antepost betting is the best way to bet on football.

    Because bookies are in fact FAR more amenable to taking bets on long term markets.

    But this guy it seems will never know that...
  3. slick

    slick Administrator

    I think you get a certain amount of time to edit a post after it has been posted (can't remember what it is off the top of my head)
    And I agree betting forums are littered with cnuts:lol