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ThunderCelts Conference Bets 2014/15

Discussion in 'The Glory Hole' started by ThunderCelt, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. ThunderCelt

    ThunderCelt National League Punter

    Grimsby to win the Conference 9/4 skybet, 616 units to return 2002 units
  2. ThunderCelt

    ThunderCelt National League Punter

    Final bet of the season: Conference South Promotion 1,273 units on Boreham Wood at BetVic's 4/7 to win 2,000 units.
  3. ThunderCelt

    ThunderCelt National League Punter

    Here's my final standings for the season:

    Match bets - loss of 564 units over the season. :mad:

    Trebles (and hedges): 8,645 units spent. It was the bet on 12 September, a Barnet/Barrow/Bromley treble, that came in at 52.55/1 with a stake of 187 units to give me 9,993 units
    Profit 1,348 units :dance

    Other bets:

    Conference winner
    Bristol Rovers 333 units at 5/1 :mad:
    Macclesfield 154 units at 12/1 :mad:
    Grimsby 616 units at 9/4 :mad:
    Loss: 1,103 units :cry

    Conference promotion:
    Gateshead 250 units at 7/1 :mad:
    Barnet 500 units at 3/1 returned 2,000 units :)
    Profit: 1,250 units :dance

    Conference top goalscorer
    John Akinde, 250 units at evens returned 500 units :)
    John Shaw 40/1 Each Way total 20 units :mad:
    Profit: 230 units :dance

    Conference Bottom 4:
    Dartford, 222 units at 5/4 returned 500 units :)
    Profit 278 units :dance

    Conference South Promotion
    Whitehawk, 445 units at 7/2
    Boreham Wood, 1,273 units at 4/7
    Final still to be played, but income of 2,000 units guaranteed
    Profit 272 units :dance

    I make that an overall 1,711 units profit. :dance

    That just about covers the 802 unit loss on my Scottish anteposts in my other thread to land a modest profit overall.

    Writing has taken up much of my time over the last few months meaning I've had little time to do much more than hedge early season bets or to come on here. Hopefully I'll be able to dedicate more time to punting next season.
  4. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    Well done TC, cracking :clap

    Look forward to seeing more of the same next season. I'll join you with some Ante Posts of my own, with the return of 'Pay in May'
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  5. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    909 units a modest profit? Think you're the one being too modest, TC. Excellent stuff :clap
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  6. traeth

    traeth Moderator

    congrats TC
  7. traeth

    traeth Moderator

    congrats TC

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