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Discussion in 'Eurovision 2012 Betting' started by Gavster, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Gavster

    Gavster Novelty & Proud


    To start, it’s not what I expected. I anticipated a song with a more mainstream sound and western influences, even though I was well aware of Bonomo’s quirky style. I thought we’d get a Dum Tek Tek stomper, but Love me Back has left me feeling rather deflated. I suspect the usual flood of overjoyed Turkish twitter and forum posters will soon be feeling the same – although it’s usually another week before they reenter orbit.

    The ethnic core of the song is fine, I enjoy it when countries are brave enough to showcase their roots. The rhythm and Bonomo’s unique movements around the stage remind me of Serbia 2010, ‘Ovo je Balkan’. The song is ‘different’ and there are nice parts to it, but for me, it fails to build into a top-5 challenger and instead stagnates into a top-10 challenger with the help of diaspora.
  2. MickeyPaul

    MickeyPaul Merry Christmas!

    It’s the kind of thing I can appreciate in that it’s different but I tend to agree with you Gavster. It’s way way off from the mainstream and too quirky and unusual. His voice is starting to grate on me actually and it’s becoming very irritating.

    Shit. I’m struggling to get to the end. It’s a bit unpleasant overall.

    Yip. Very hard to see this as a challenger. Very hard indeed. I’d be gobsmacked in fact if this was in contention.
  3. MickeyPaul

    MickeyPaul Merry Christmas!

  4. Archi

    Archi Member

    Kinda weird, but also kind of catchy. Diaspora always help Turkey, so top10 is doable I guess. This one might have some value in it when the odds start to come in. meaning this one is hard to position anywhere. it could be sixth, or it could be sixteenth. This might divide people, just be on the right side of predictions and make some money with this one :p
  5. Rob44

    Rob44 Member

    this is different enough to make an impact and i generally agree with gav's comments. definite dark horse material. although the song doesn't go anywhere the singer keeps it interesting and holds the attention. turkey's diaspora should ensure top ten.

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