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Discussion in 'Eurovision 2012 Betting' started by Gavster, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Gavster

    Gavster Novelty & Proud


    I didn't realise that Ukraine sent songs this bad. This surely has to be in the running for non-qualification? I know they have friendlies and diaspora to call upon, but semi final 2 is already resembling an expensive car crash.
  2. Dec

    Dec New Member

    I like this I must admit, saying that I heard about 3 different versions of it already. So it needs a bit of tidying up. The stage show needs to change as well as the superhero dancers / fake trumpet players or what ever you want to call them are annoying. Possible top 10 and if it’s the Ukrainian song for euro 2012, which was being talked about, might get big airplay across Europe and sneak top 5.
    one to keep an eye on.
  3. Archi

    Archi Member

    This is awful. I dont think tidying up helps this song too much. It's a mess. I was counting on Ukraine to send something decent, they usually do well. It's gonna be close whether it will even qualify. They get a lot of help with Diaspora, which is the only reason they might make it to the finals.
  4. Rob44

    Rob44 Member

    it'll qualify :mad: unfortunately, but it is quite... horrible.
  5. Gavster

    Gavster Novelty & Proud


    Here's the new version. The horns have gone and the melody sounds tighter. This is competing with Romania's 'summery' song
  6. Steve_uk

    Steve_uk Well-Known Member BANNED

    Yes it's a pity they've wasted the song with four trumpeters doing very little,relying on the strength of her voice to carry the song.I still think this will qualify,and who knows her warmth of personality compared to Spain,Italy,France,Azerbaijan,Albania,Bulgaria,Bosnia/H and Slovenia might carry this song further than previously thought.

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