Watersplash Final

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    Saturday at 1.15pm on BBC1 ( prior to the Cas v Saints game ) RL Commentator Dave Woods presents a programme looking back at the 1968 Rugby League Challenge Cup final between Leeds and Wakefield Trinity. With what looked like the easiest of conversions ( bang in front of the posts ) to win the Wembley showpiece, Don Fox of Wakefield stepped up but somehow missed. Leeds won 11-10 and for a long time it was one of the most replayed scenes in British sport.

    The programme looks back at the match - which was played in horrific and wet conditions, hence becoming known as the Watersplash Final and for anyone who does not know the story, definitely worth a watch.
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    Cheers Samoan, I'll set the recorder and tape it, I've seen the clip of the miss a few times but never seen anything else of the match.

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