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Week 11, Fri 22nd to Mon25th October 2021

Discussion in 'FREE CASHLESS KOMP 2021/22' started by slick, Oct 20, 2021.

  1. slick

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  2. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    Week 11 scores:

    Rcgills 7.5 (Southampton draw, Doncaster, overs at Unionistas de Salamanca and Atletico Baleares)
    Traeth 3.8 (Wigan, draw at Palace)
    Winrew 2.75 (Birmingham, West Ham)
    Slick 2.5 (draw at Leeds)
    Kegman 2.05 (Port Vale, Kilmarnock, Airdrieonians)
    Nawoo 1.45 (Real Madrid)
    Howson 0
    ODM 0
    Punter 0

    Week 11 table:

    1 - Slick 39.15
    2 - Traeth 35.63
    3 - Winrew 33.48
    4 - RC 32.99
    5 - Nawoo 30.30
    6 - Howson 29.87
    7 - ODM 21.47
    8 - Punter 21.26
    9 - Kegman 18.50

    Highest weekly score :- Slick 10.6 (week 1)

    Top score of the week for me, but it could've all been so much sweeter. Gills 2 up within 15 minutes, probably should've been 4 or 5 by 60 mins. Still 2-0 up in the 85th minute. We've got previous in those situations. Slick may possibly remember. What would've been a 5-fold for 25pts reduced to 4 winners and 7.5pts :banghead

    Elsewhere Traeth continues to chase down Slick at the top, and at the other end, Kegman closes the gap to Punter.

    Check your scores.
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    ONEDUNME Administrator

    :lolI remember it well. I was painting my living room at the time and it took twice as long as it should cos I was watching the match at the same time
  4. slick

    slick Administrator

    I remember it well too, it wasn't easy and I do remember walking into the kitchen to take a break from the pressure and get a drink.
    Dunno why but for some reason I recall starting to make Sunday dinner to relieve the pressure has just came into my head but I'm pretty sure the game was played on the Monday.

    Either way the Radio in the Kitchen was on and Horlick scored in the dying minutes to me make it 1-2 .

    I ran back into the living room, plonked myself in front of the telly and the rest is history.:D
  5. slick

    slick Administrator

    Sack the Sunday dinner bit
    That was when we beat Blackburn to reach the Prem the season after.
    That was pretty stressful too but luckily Blackburn couldn't hit a cows arse with a barn door that day.

    The final score doesn't give justice to how Blackburn tried their best to stop us that day.

    I started making Sunday dinner to relieve the stress but by the second half I was in the Old Wellington pub in the middle of Manchester waiting for Moans to finish work.
    Not the best pub for someone wearing a City shirt but I couldn't give two fcuks at the time:lol
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