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Week 20 27th to 30th Dec

Discussion in 'FREE CASH KOMP 2019/20' started by slick, Dec 27, 2019.

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    Week 20 scores:

    Winrew 6.95 (Dover, Telford, Stockport, Brighton)
    Rcgills 6.83 (Wolves (odds reduced due to max. odds rule), Gills)
    Newman 5.15 (draws at Northampton and Swansea)
    Howson 4.87 (Stockport, Concord)
    Topdog 3.22 (Sunderland, Salford)
    Nawoo 2.8 (Millwall)
    Kegman 2.6 (Rangers)
    Slick 2.6 (Southampton draw)
    Traeth 1.6 (Accrington)
    Kristobal 0
    ODM - No picks submitted

    Week 20 table:

    1. Slick 79.72
    2. Howson 78.36
    3. Rcgills 66.14
    4. Kristobal 63.13
    5. Newman 62.60
    6. Topdog 58.29
    7. Nawoo 57.62
    8. Traeth 56.60
    9. Winrew 55.32
    10. Kegman 55.25
    11. ODM 49.84

    Highest weekly score: Kristobal 11.33 (week 9)

    Well done to Winrew, the week's highest score, and only Celtic's defeat preventing him from getting the 5-fold. It's also enough to move him off the bottom at ODM's expense.

    At the other end, I'm the latest occupant of the musical chair in 3rd place, Slick and Howson still leading the way at the top.

    With all the fixtures played over the past few days, check your scores, I wouldn't rule out me having looked at the wrong set of results at some point, any mistakes, just shout.
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