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Beamer v Pete - horses week 1

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Dundalk 7.50 Naoise 5 pts win
Dundalk 8.20 Heroine Chic 5 pts win

5 pts double as well.

50 pts left with 40 profit.
Moderator was moderate. Nice winner Pete.

Looks like I need a decent tricast.

New Profit: 48.5 pts

balance: 6
I reckon that points total would be enough to win most matches beamer. You've just been unlucky to have come up against Pete on this occasion
It's not over yet ODM!

Lingfield 3.00 Numeral 5 pts win
Fairyhouse 4.45 Lead Kindly Light 5 pts win

Profit: 53.5
In Play: 10
Yet to play: 40
Where's the fighting talk lads :punch

I can't decide between a double, forecast or a single win and pray the rest of cards are abandoned.
Also going with Lingfield 3pm Lockantanks 5 pts win
Lingfield 3pm Lockantanks & Numeral 5 pts reverse forecast

25 points left.
Punchestown won't be abandoned tomorrow and I'll do some damage there so you're better off going for a double.

How's that for fighting talk? :dance
Only positive was I backed your beast.

I think I need a 12/1 winner with remaining 6 points.

Punch 2.20 Turner Brown 6 pts win
Unlucky man. You had tons of 2nds and could have made me look quite foolish if a few of those were landed. Nice one with backing Trifolium by the way. :)
Well done Pete.

If I'd have spent more time watching the market, I may have bagged the winner of the 2.20, with the winner backed from 25/1 into 14/1 late on. I was busy trading out on the over 2.5 goals in the Newcastle game.

Not open for further replies.