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Eurovision 2017

Provisional predictions for Semi-final 1, and I may change a couple after Armenia's entry is released next week.

Albania Lindita "World"

Repeat of last year's entry. I'm inclined to say no at this stage.

Australia Isaiah "Don't Come Easy"

Subject matter too sophisticated for this slip of a youth. No natural voting block. Another no.

Azerbaijan Dihaj "Skeletons"

A tricky song to sing and she copes well. Qualifier

Belgium Blanche "City Lights"

Stands out from the rest, though rather miserable. Qualifier

Finland Norma John "Blackbird"

This bird will finish high in the pecking order. Qualifier

Georgia Tamara Gachechiladze "Keep the Faith"

Conchita Wurst for the heterosexual voter. No at this stage.

Montenegro Slavko Kalezić "Space"

Trashy as it stands. No

Portugal Salvador Sobral "Amar pelos dois" Portuguese

Dark horse of the competition and possible semi-final winner. Qualifier

Sweden Robin Bengtsson "I Can't Go On"

Disappointing for Sweden, but surely strong enough. Qualifier

Second half

Armenia Artsvik "Fly with Me"

As yet unreleased.
Cyprus Hovig "Gravity"

Dare I say no to Thomas G: son. Yes it's a no from me.

Czech Republic Martina Bárta "My Turn"

She has a unique voice which should get her through. Qualifier

Greece Demy "This Is Love"

Standard Eurovision song. I'm saying no.

Svala Paper

Is it true, is it over, did you throw this Paper away? Qualifier
Latvia Triana Park "Line"

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad. I think this is for the chop.

Moldova SunStroke Project "Hey, Mamma!"

Rather sinister, though the saxaphone may get it through. Qualifier
Poland Kasia Moś "Flashlight"

Well sung, but the accompaniment could be stronger. Qualifier
Slovenia Omar Naber "On My Way"

A full suit would have complemented the song. Qualifier

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Russia has confirmed participation in the contest and will be sending Yulia Samoylova to Ukraine, some might say in a cynical move to prevent the booing. It's a pleasant song, not a winner, and the harmonies could be brought out more.
The youngest contestant will take votes from both Australia and Ireland.

Valentina Monetta bopping away with teenagers.
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Semi-final 2 Thursday 18 May

Austria Nathan Trent "Running on Air"

A deceptively experienced musician this guy should qualify in the weakest semi-final for years.

Denmark Anja Nissen "Where I Am"

No choreography to speak of, but should qualify.

Hungary Joci Pápai "Origo"

Heathcliffe The Musical will be enough to secure a Final place.

Ireland Brendan Murray "Dying to Try"

Confirming their position as Eurovision backwater only they could contrive not to qualify this year.

Macedonia Jana Burčeska "Dance Alone"

With a dismal track record Jana is in danger of dancing alone yet again. Non-qualifier

Malta Claudia Faniello "Breathlessly"

She will make the Final, but don't hold your breath thereafter.

Netherlands O'G3NE "Lights and Shadows"

In my role of Dutch uncle I should tell them the song is a complete mess. Non-qualifier

Romania Ilinca feat. Alex Florea "Yodel It!"

I'm in the falsetto mood with her, though a probable non-qualifier.

Russia Julia Samoylova "Flame Is Burning"

Not a dry eye in the house as Yulia's flame is burning. Qualifier

Serbia Tijana Bogićević "In Too Deep"

Instrumentally weak but should qualify.

Second half

Belarus Naviband "Historyja majho žyccia"

Some nice harmonies making one feel good to be alive. Fingers crossed for qualification.

Bulgaria Kristian Kostov "Beautiful Mess"

The youngest contestant will reach the final beautifully and no mess.

Croatia Jacques Houdek "My Friend"

Jacques' mastery of stagecraft will ensure a Final place.

Estonia Koit Toome & Laura "Verona"

Reckless type of English, though Romeo and Juliet might well win this semi.

Israel Imri "I Feel Alive"

He feels alive but the song is dead by the end. Non-qualifier

Lithuania Fusedmarc "Rain of Revolution"

A precipitation not to qualify I would have thought.

Norway JOWST feat. Aleksander Walmann "Grab the Moment"

The song doesn't grab me, but another qualifier by default.

San Marino Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson "Spirit of the Night"

Contest veteran Valentina Monetta returns sadly lacking any chemistry with her sidekick performer. Non-qualifier

Switzerland Timebelle "Apollo"

Apollo 13 awaits with a performer out of her depth. Non-qualifier
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Armenia has released its entry, which will compete in the harder semi-final 1 on Tuesday 9 May. I have to say I believe in the choreography if not the song, and voters might think it's trying too hard to imitate Jamala and Loreen.
A motley collection of songs at the London Eurovision Party. Let's start with the best first:

Lucie is holding her own; it's just a pity nobody votes for us.

Could Levina be a new Barbra Streisand..

Tonight Anja's going to show you..

Omar is on his way to Kiev more suitably dressed..
Kristian has got into a bit of a mess..

Slavko is a born entertainer:

A bird in the hand..

Is this really second favourite..

Slow progress for France.
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Top three finish for Robin:

Jowst the performer is growing on me:

Martina shows her class:

Kasia's flogging a dead horse..
This guy is so far ahead of the field he may well break Jamala's record last year of 534 points. He may also gain the best margin of victory since Alexander Rybak in 2009 won with 169 points between him and second placed "Is it true.." Iceland.

A nice young man, but surely it pales in comparison to the above.

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