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Eurovision Song Contest 7th - 11th May 2024

One singer and four fellas dancing seems to be the go to strategy this year.
It's becoming rather monotonous.
Finland currently trading under evens for top 10 on Betfair. *Should* be a good trading opportunity as it's almost certain to bomb with the juries so will be rooted towards the bottom of the scoreboard for most of the points reveals, until the public vote at the end.
That fella with the beard in the red frock has just reminded me I need to pick Moans up from Bingo
UK currently favourites for last place :cool: hope olly has tapped up some of his industry mates for some friendly jury votes...
Here's where we now get our hopes up for our bets only for it to be wiped out by the phone votes at the end.
Do they still do the thing where they work out the most dramatic way to reveal the results and do that?
Beanie you saved me. Only had a little on it but enough. 50/1 was at Betvictor/Parimatch/Talksportbet all those skins. Fuck Switzerland. Croatia was the best song imo. Onto next year :beer
Counting my lucky stars as biggest winner was Portugal top 10 - they finished 10th and had Netherlands not been booted then its likely that would have been 11th. But Latvia also finished 16th to miss the top 15 bet, so swings and roundabouts.

On an otherwise great night, called Georgia completely wrong! Thought they would get some decent jury and phone vote love, in the end got none of either.

Also thankful that Olly found enough of his pals to lend the UK some jury points, as it was a really poor entry. Average song, staged terribly.

Switzerland only 5th with the public - thats the lowest ranked televote to win the contest. May prompt some changes next year to reduce the impact of juries slightly...
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