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RCGills v Camroc - other sports week 1

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Yep, it's that simple. I'm on (I think) 38.6, Camroc is currently on 0. Ireland win would give him 120 (20pt 4-fold at 5/1, and 20pts at evens on Ireland HT/FT). Wales win leaves him with 0.
OK. Fingers crossed then.

I've backed Ireland in running so that should guarantee you the points
Got to feel for Camroc. Quadruple whammy there, the lateness of the loss, the dubiety of the decision (?) his country losing and Betnod taking a point:frown

Sooooo close.

I think it may have be he who, in the last challenge, beat me with an 87th minute goal in the football on the other hand.

I may be wrong. Still got to hurt though.

And United are losing
I make the final score 38.6 v 0, although that scoreline doesn't come close to telling the full story. Unlucky Camroc, was a good contest :thumb
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