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Slick v corban - football week 1

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Nothing in this match whatsoever, I'm on 52 with Corban on 51.09 and 1 bet to come.
Its all resting on both teams to score in the Valencia match.
They are both saying Slick finished on 52pts and the match rests on both teams scoring in the Spanish game later Swoops.

Where's the confusion?
If you look on Letsbet there is a post from Corban saying Slick was on 32.5, & nothing from Slick....THERES the fucking confusion.

i had too many eggs in one basket early doors with those cnuts City letting me down, If I had a quid for everytime I said that I'd could retire a rich man.
Full time 0-0 phew!! another point to Betnod

Great match Corban, it couldn't have been any closer, goodluck in your next round.
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