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Spacbroke Hills 3.1 - jinx thread


here we go after today...

Liabilities = 353.37
Returns = 267.33
P/L = -86.04

%P/L = -32.18
WINS = 16/40

ill get them back next week... maybe
if id laid them all level stakes (sort of), id be -51.79, from a much higher outlay.

my staking plan will lose more on a bad day but win more on a good one, im happy with that tbh, just a cunt i lost FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WEEKS after starting a thread.
blatent and unrepentive aftertiming here after the Sheffield derby...

Liabilities = -364.26
Returns = 267.33
P/L = -96.93

%P/L = -36.26
Wins = 16/41

I'm an idiot, i never checked something very important from mind-fucking version 3.0, I didnt check how the average goals per game varied when counting 40+ predictions rather than 10/12, I simply assumed the smaller group would be miles off.

The first lot were a 'wise crowd', nevermind over/under bets, they got the correct score right alot of the time. The second shouldnt have been a 'wise crowd' given their limitations, but it looks asthough they are just as good as the larger group, less accurate with their spreads but on the right side of the line most of the time, certainly the same side as the 40+ lot.

I nee to get my thinking cap on.
ok.. try again, slowly without cut and paste...


2.47 EBBSFLEET 5.13@1.78
2.07 FORREST GREEN 5.76@1.96
1.67 LINCOLN 14.47@2.06
2.20 NEWPORT 6.89@2.16
2.13 TAMWORTH 7.47@2.10

3.27 ALFERTON 5.14@1.71
2.53 BATH 2.76@1.84
2.80 DARLO 0.13@1.78
2.67 KIDDIEFIDDLER 4.12@1.70
3.27 LUTON 8.02@1.83
3.13 YORK 7.32@1.89
version 3.2

i draw alot, i doodle everything, i visualise problems and solutions with stupid pictures.

when looked at this again, i made a bubble graph, i decided that these goal ratings arent actually shite.

just as a test, im going to back the direction of the market fav IF the prediction exceeds it.

3.27 ALFERTON 5.14@1.71
3.27 LUTON 8.02@1.83
3.13 YORK 7.32@1.89

3.17 PETERBROUGH 3.32@1.73
2.77 BLACKPOOL 3.01@1.97

2.07 FORREST 5.78@1.96

2.23 PALACE 3.18@1.98
1.77 MILLWALL 6.55@1.83