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Super Bowl LIII

Discussion in 'Other Sports Betting' started by SAMOAN, Feb 3, 2019.


    SAMOAN Moderator

    The New England Patriots return to the big game again, with the Los Angeles Rams being their opponents. L.A started the season with a prime time game against my Raiders and whilst they took a bit of time to get going, their overall performance that day suggested they would be a force. The Pats stumbled a bit during the season, but their division was once again weak and they were rarely in danger of not making the post season.

    General opinion amongst the experts is that New England will win another title. Not convinced myself and have gone with the Rams to win by 7-12 points. Not bothered with first TD scorer this year, but instead focussed on the game's MVP award. As usual the 2 quarterbacks are both short, so as usual trying to find fringe / surprise players who may be voted the games best. Gone with both kickers again, as if there are plenty of field goals ( especially from distance ), then they would have to be considered and also mixed in the Pats Kick returner / occasional wide receiver / occasional running back / occasional gadget player, along with a risk taking defender.


    STEPHEN GOSTOWSKI ( Pats Kicker ) at 100's.
    GREG " THE LEG " ZUERLEIN ( LA Kicker ) at 100's.
    MARCUS PETERS ( LA ) Corner, who takes chances and whilst could get burned, has the ability to come up with interceptions at 150's.
    CORDERELLE PATTERSON ( Pats ) Kick returner and a versatile guy, who could be used a number of different ways in this New England offence at 200's.
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