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Didn't really know what to call this thread. It's a bit of a "system", if you want to call it that, that I've used here and there over the years mixed and matched with my normal bets and not really kept a track of independently so I'm left with a gut instinct that it serves me well but I thought I'd give it a bit of a whirl in here (when I remember) to see if it can make a profit over a time.

Of course, with any sort of staking system, it's the beasts that you put your money on that actually matters but I've always thought that using this and avoiding the larger fields, its not a bad way to bet.

The basic concept (nothing groundbreaking here) is that you pick your horse to win and then a second horse with an ew chance with the idea that the average price would be good enough to cover your stakes on both horses in the race if the ew horse places. It won't always be a straightforward calculation to that effect but that's the overall plan.

I'll be using 5 points (win and 5pt ew) in the main, with a possible 10 pointer thrown in depending upon the strength of my fancy, plus the price of the main selection and how much would be returned for a place of the second selection. On occasion, I may also place, for example 5pt on the shorter price, 5pt win on the second horse and 10pt on the place. All will depend on my feelings on their chances. I don't know whether or not it will be worth mentioning -probably not - but for anyone who remembers "The Perfect System" of the past:lol it may or may not be of interest to know that the larger priced selections are just the kind of selections that were the backbone of that thread.

Edit - so meant to imply at the end there, don't be surprised if as many of them win as do the shorter priced selections. I reckon, backed separately, they would hopefully return a profit on their own
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I've decided to put in some thought on bets that I don't end up placing as well, for my own reference to remind me why I haven't made a selection ( you know the feeling when a horse you've picked out and not backed goes past the post at 16/1).

The first one of those is the 305 stratford where Full ov Beans is 16/1 and would have been my ew bet (with coral, money back as a free bet if a faller) and Stow would have been my win bet, had it been over 2/1. As it is, with the fav at 7/4, a win and the second horse not placing wouldn't even get my dosh back so it's a leaver for me.
Selection 2. 405 Kempton 5pt win War Spirit 5/2 (drifting but BOG) Crystal Lake 6/1 5p ew 1/5 a place 8run
Selection 3. Benbens 5pt 3/1 (just sportingodds offering that price so no BOG) . 5pt ew Dolatulo 8/1 1/5 odds 9run
Selection 5. 430 Gentle bob 5pt win 4/1. 5pt ew Crystal Swing 7/1 1/5 9run

Not quite got the size of price I'm aiming for on my ew selections so far - I'm really after 8/1-12/1 type odds as an average but the bigger ones will come.
So that's todays. I will be aiming to put up at least one or two a day with more at the weekends. 5 races at 15pts per race = 75 points staked so far. I won't normally be replacing non-runners and I will be looking for offers such as money back as free bets for fallers and money back if 2nd to fav etc so I'll be keeping an eye out for those.

I may also be placing some bets in the "without the fav" market where prices allow.
Nice one ODM!

Great start!

Wheres the quote option gone? Is Slick tinkering still?

but for anyone who remembers "The Perfect System"

I remember it, you had that many winners i was convinced you were cheating! Even though you were posting your picks up hours before the race!

Close the thread now! lol


Good luck :thumb

Well an eventful first day. Especially the 415 race at Stratford where my ew selection won at 9/1 and was then demoted to 2nd, only for my other selection in the race to be promoted to winner:lol. I was initially gutted to see that it had robbed me of 30 points but of course with most bookies paying on first past the post, what it means is that I get 64 points returned for the original win PLUS 20 points for the 2nd being promoted to first!

So what it means is that I've doubled my money with 75pts being staked and 152.5 points being returned.

You've heard the song "The only way is up"? Well I think we can safely say that the opposite applies in this case.:lol
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Prices too short but I've had to crowbar my hand off the "place bet" button for the 240 race as I fancy the fav Enjoy Responsibly to win at 6/4 but if it won and my other selection Master Oscar didn't place at 5/1 I would end up losing on the race. Of course they'll go on to be first and second but I've got to leave it alone.
No selections today. I'd made a point of only backing in 8 runner races minimum so that rules out anything of interest today today. I've no issue with backing ew in small races because you do get the 1/4 odds rather than the 1/5 for the additional place that you lose but, for today's purposes, when I need to be picking two in the race, the odds are prohibitive as I'd normally need the bigger odds horse to win or for it to finish 2nd to my shorter priced horse so the value is simply not there as it's not likely to happen enough times to offset the losses. Just for a laugh though, I'll jot a few down anyway but won't be including them in the figures for this thread.

All 2 places 1/4 odds

230 Asc Benefit Cut 2/1 and Farmer Matt 15/2
430 Don Field of fame 11/4 and Notarised 5/1 1/4
435 Limerick Domination 5/2 and Letter of Credit 6/1
Prices too short but I've had to crowbar my hand off the "place bet" button for the 240 race as I fancy the fav Enjoy Responsibly to win at 6/4 but if it won and my other selection Master Oscar didn't place at 5/1 I would end up losing on the race. Of course they'll go on to be first and second but I've got to leave it alone.

Predictably, Master Oscar wins at 9/2
I've put the wrong figure in for my returns above - will sort out later - I know I doubled my money so I've cocked up.

Anyway - today's - and ul have to excuse - I'm reading my shitt handwriting here ....

420 plumpto.

fuck it ill have to check
taradrewe 11/4 and Warsaw pack 8/1 1/5

440 hex millers reef 6/1 and double whammy 10/1

450 kemp Benn's the swinger 10/3 and Sabiazo 11/1
On winner today plus two places (one at a tasty 18/1 beaten by a length). Loss of 1 point on the day but still 76.5 pts up after 9 races.
race 10. 440 n abbot Jaunty James (or Janey? my writing is shit) 2/1
Fortification 10/1

230 Sthll Lendal Bridge2/1
Caledonian Lad 16/1

5oo sthl Just Five 4/1Rutterkin 8/1

45 pts staked