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Thunder v tubber - football week 1

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Nothiong for me Friday, so Saturday:

Aldershot v Bristol Rovers :cry 11/5 (3.2), 16 units, Bank of 50 remaining.

Edit - Game off. I assume I get my stake back :crossfingers
Cool :thumb. Not that I've any idea what to spend it on with L2 nearly wiped out. :giveup

In view of my impending defeat I wish to make a formal complaint about the person who decided to hold a compeition in the week the League Two programme gets decimated. :angry

(Trots off to see if there's anything likely in the Madagascan Second Division on Sunday :cry )
Excelsior v Venlo (saturday evening, Holland)

Darren Maatsen First goalscorer, 13/2, 7.5, 5 units
Darren Maatsen Anytime goalscorer, 7/4, 2.75, 5 units

Bank remaining 40
Tubber;277947 said:
Bet 4

Odenske V Rapid Vienna 8pm

1-1 Draw @ 7.00


Potential profit: 30 pts

Bank 65pts, Profit: 16.25


Bet 5

West brom v Swansea @5/6
Brighton v leicester @ 5/6
Norwich v Bolton @8/13

30 points treble on
All teams to score @ 5.43,

Potential profit: 132.88 pts

Bank 35 points, profit 16.25
Just Maatsen anytime for me for +8.75 units. Added to my previous 14.05 gives 22.8 units with 40 remaining.

(But I'd expect someone to check my maths and logic!)

Ajax v Utrecht draw/Utrecht double chance 11/4 (3.75) 5 units
Same match over 3.5 goals 5/6 (1.83) 10 units

15 staked, 25 left.
Utrecht got the win, but there were too few goals, so a profit of 13.75 gives 36.55 with 25 left, I think. :thinking. I'm not much good at this maths lark.

(for my record, 75 staked, virtual bank 98.55 - down a fraction :mad: )
Last bets, on Groningen v Waalwijk

David Texeira first scorer, 4/1 (5.00), 12 units potential winnings 48
David Texeira, last golascorer, 4/1 (5.00), 13 units potential winnings 52
Texeira failed, as regular scorers usually do when I back them. Maybe I put them under too much pressure :ohwell

I think I end up on 36.55, but I'm happy to be told my maths is wrong. It often is.
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