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Ubique v Frankie Lee - horses week 1

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Resident nob
17 v 17.
2 week competition. Monday to sunday. all markets must be scheduled to be closed by 11pm on the sunday (common sense applies)
Week 1 specialist subjects, week 2 anything goes
All prices to be taken from Bet365 & worked out as decimals. No in-running bets.
100 Points for each team member per week.100 points can be gambled any way player sees fit. Minimum bet 5pnts, maximum bets 100pnts. Multiple bets are allowed. No arbing, ie covering all results
Person with most profit at the end of the week gains 1 point for their team. Unused points are lost
Only 100 points to be gambled, winnings are not a bank
A player cannot copy the other players bet, first come first served
No percentage points of bets to be accepted, half points okay (sounds weird, but no 1.33 etc)
Just to avoid any confusion (re' the rules "All prices to be taken from Bet365 & worked out as decimals. No in-running bets". Horse racing bets are all to be settled at SP
Yep. It was running well until it clouted the 9th. After that it went all to pot.
Nothing suitable today.
Ling 3.30

Wolv 4.20

2.5 win single on each
2.5 e/w double
Total stake 10 points

Bank 85 remaining
First, an update from Frankie.

''If fairyhouse goes ahead
3:10 - 5pts win - Our Girl Lucy
4:45 - 5pts win - Grey Soldier

3-45 10pts win - Face Value

65pts remaining no returns yet.''

Capone won for me yesterday @ 11/8
Moderator was unplaced.
A profit of 3.44

Today it's the a/w again for me.

Wolv 2.40
Hazzard County

Ling 3.00
Prince Of Burma

Wolv 3.15
Son Vida

Ling 3.35
Status Symbol

4x 4 point win singles
6x 3 point e/w doubles
1x 2 point e/w accumilator
Total stake of 56 points.

29 left in the bank.
Just bad news I'm afraid. A promising start with a 11/1 3rd. SFA after that. I have to say though that every bet this week was made with reluctance. I was forced to go with extremely poor fayre. Not my sort of stuff at all. Last chance tomorrow. 29 to play with.
Last gasp.

Punch 1.50

Punch 3.55

10 win single on each
9 win double
29 staked

Points all used up now.
Showing a profit of 3.44
Update from Frankie...................
Profit of 7.5 thanks to Face Value.

1:20 King Vuvuzela
1:50 Caolaneoin
2:20 Our Monty
2:55 Big Zeb

10pts win on each leaving 25 pts to play with later.
Brilliant double Ubique, +56.58 I reckon clap Dont think he can catch you but hows a dead heat work? Half odds?
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