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ODM's Pretty Young Things

Discussion in 'Horse Racing & Greyhound Tips' started by ONEDUNME, Apr 25, 2016.


    ONEDUNME Administrator

    220 Chelmsford I'll have another 15pts 11/8

    320 Chelms Danzay 10pt win 11/4
    and Lady Alavesa 5pt ew 14/1 (may be the last chance for this one)

    350 Chelms Via Serendipity 5pt ew 6/1

    450 Chelms Natural 3pts ew 12/1

    520 Chelms nautical Mile 5pt ew 16/1

    340 Haydock Maypole 5pt win 11/2 place bet to be placed tomorrow

    430 Yarmouth Effervescence 10pt win 9/4
    and Take Shelter 5pt ew 12/1

    830 Hamilton Aleef 5pt ew 5/1

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    101 pts staked. IHA won the 220 returning 35.62.
    Lady Alavesa 2nd at 12/1 returning 17
    Via Serendipity 2nd returning 11
    Take Shelter a non runner returning 10

    73.62 returned with one to run

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Aleef traded at under 1/2 in running but only ended up 2nd at 8/1 returning 13 pts. A day of seconds and a loos of 14.38pts on the day

    Tomorrow. I don't mind backing the odds odds on shot every now and again but I always think if you're backing more than one on a day then you're asking to lose money. A couple of 11/10 shots and you can afford for one to go awry but odds a couple of odds on shots and you need a full house. Tomorrow I have no choice as the tracker has spoken but it would not be my preferred portfolio.

    140 Nottm True Mason 10pt win 7/2

    150 Nottm Solar Gold 10/3 10pt win

    210 Nottom Zain City 20pts 5/6

    255 Newbury Herecomesthesun 2pt ew 22/1 and Sea of Class 20pts 4/7

    240 Nottm Shramm 20pts 8/15

    330 Nottm Family Fortunes 5pt ew 5/1 4places

    620 Hayd Fort Jefferson 20pts 5/6

    655 Hayd Big Time Maybe (poss last go before deletion) 2pt ew 20/1

    755 Hayd Via Via 5pt ew 9/1

    128 pts staked

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Just gone to place the 140 bet and it's 4/1 with betfair and paddy power so amendment to that price

    ONEDUNME Administrator


    128pts staked 195.95 returned, profit of 67.95 pts
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    ONEDUNME Administrator


    150 york Big Boots 5ew 11/2 and Chapelli 12 pts 5/2

    200 Sandown Oberyn Martell

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    200 Sandown Oberyn Martell 20pts 5/2

    235 Sandown Eagle Hunter 20pts 7/4

    345 Sandown Derek Douval 5pt ew 12/1

    420 Sandown No More Trills 3pt ew 14/1 and Golden Iris 5pt ew 7/1

    440 York Charming Guest 5pt ew 9/1

    515 Zeelander nap of the day 30pts evens (actually got some 5/4 earlier)

    615 Aintree Chief Justice 5pt ew 4/1

    625 Chep Axel Jacklin 20pt 13/8

    730 Chep Harry beau 15pt 10/3

    815 Goodwood Litigation 12 pts 7/2

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    A few winners Friday but a losing day. A profit on Saturday and a good day today with 3 winners out of four. Strange how they only win when I don't post them up. If it was anyone else I'd be giving them some shit so what I've decided to do is not to keep a track of profit and loss because it's meaningless. After a long debate with myself I have decided to post up the horses though and there's a reason for that and that reason is that most of the ones that haven't won go on to win soon and the ones that haven't won have still to be stopped by the handicapper.

    Well, that is one reason, the other one is that nobody is actually backing these horses so this thread is as much a record of my notes that anything else.

    More to follow

    ONEDUNME Administrator


    150 York Armandihan . I was of the opinion that it may be time to say goodbye to this one but for some reason there was money for it on Saturday morning so I went 5pts ew on it and it duly ran like a pig. Going to ditch it now.

    205 Sandown Koditime 5pt ew. Run to be ignored

    210 Chester Marie's Diamond 10pt 10/3. won at 9/4

    300 York Time to Study 5pt ew 8/1. 4th, no returns

    315 Sandown Via Serendipity 5pt ew 11/2 . Won 4/1. From 2017 tracker, have backed this 9 times with just the two wins but at 8/1 and 11/2, far from a disaster and still on the improve

    335 York Angels 5pt ew 14/1 lost

    400 Limerick Alhajaj 1pt ew 50/1. Surprisingly, no returns. I put this in my tracker based on a win on the all weather since which it's moved to Ireland so I'm going to get rid.

    425 Sandown Ibraz Backed 10/3, won 7/4. Had won previous race and money had come for it in the same was as it did yesterday. Always nice when connections give you a clue so will be bearing that in mind when it runs again.
    Also Hasanoanda 5pts ew 11/1. Has had three runs since going in tracker and won one at 2/1 so level at SP (actually up as it was available at 11/4)but this run on setup up in class can be forgiven.

    440 York Rathbone. Backed at 9/4 in morning (10 pts) and backed into 13/8 and widely touted as the likely winner. Came 2nd. Had come 3rd on debut but may not have been on the quickest part of the track so was probably an even better run that it looked. Should win soon and I will be doubling my stake if it's short odds.

    530 Chester Visitant.1pt ew 33/1 Now a five year old, went into my tracker last May when unlucky in running. Paid off straight away with a win at 3/1 next time out but has since spent that credit and has now gone over the time. Time to jettison

    ONEDUNME Administrator


    210 Doncaster Burrembeet 5pt ew 8/1 lost . Was worth a try based on a couple of good performances on the all weather but is no match for its handicap and is one to leave after backing it in two losses since. Not every egg is a bird. This one may hose up next time out but it will have to drop a few pounds to do so.

    225 Salisbury Wicked Sea 10pt win 5/4. Won 7/4. Didn't impress on five starts on all weather but just pipped on first run on turf. Followed it with this win (again at Salisbury).

    340 Doncaster Brian the Snail 3pt ew 14/1 Won . In tracker from last year. Has proven expensive for me to follow but horses sometimes come on for a winter from 3 to 4 so sometimes worth giving them another chance. Showed no sign that that was a case in it's only previous run this year but a drop in class today has done the trick and it won at sp of 9/1. Not one to get heavily involved with but small stakes again next time out.

    355 Salisbury Sunsprite. Backed at 5/2 for 10 pts - drifting out to 4/1 didn't instill confidence but it led from start to finish and showed a game attitude. Won 4/1

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Couple of shorties for tomorrow

    200 Society Queen 8/11 20pts. Good debut when 2nd. Eased up when it was clear that it wasn't going to win the race.

    900 Windsor Rock Eagle 20 pts 4/5 Won debut then 2nd against a horse that had the rail to help it.

    425 Carlisle Dalawyna 5pts ew 8/1. Yet to win a raise but unlucky last time out when second. Raised 3lbs for that and may struggle in this company

    620 Nottingham Gnaad. 5pt ew 7/1. From 2017 tracker and has won enough races to be profitable since then. May have peaked but always worth another look at the start of a new season although not one to be confident of when returning from a break. May give it a couple of chances and then get rid.

    Speaking of which, Formidable Kitt is en route to the old tracker in the sky unless it pulls something off tomorrow. 5pt win 5/2 and a place bet to be placed on exchange tomorrow

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    This is going to happen now that I have two separate tracker systems but I've missed one for tomorrow.

    215 Carlisle Theatre of War 15 pts 9/4

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Gnaad was a non runner, Society Queen and Rock Eagle won at short odds, Dalawyna just faded out of a place but ran OK. Not a great day.


    245 Thirsk Laughton. Wide open handicap so just the 5pt bet at 9/2

    305 Ascot Got three tracker horses in this so will stake accordingly as none of them has a realistic chance of winning but may get in the top five for a profit
    Dubai Legacy available at 25/1 but taking the 18/1 5 places for 2pts ew
    Pogo 1pt ew 150/1
    Boa Nova 1pt ew 100/1

    320 Thirsk Morticia 5pt ew 5/1

    355 Thirsk Henley 3pt ew 16/1

    340 Ascot Gifted Master 50/1 available but taking the 40/1 4 places

    535 Ascot Mirando 5pt ew 11/1 4 places. For what it's worth, this would be my each way nap of the day
    Also 5pts ew Laraaib 7/1, same 4 places

    500 Ascot Mirsaale 2pt ew 33/1 5 places

    700 Beverley Sea Youmzain 25pt win 10/11 nap

    830 Beverley Roddy 20pt 10/11

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Missed one, what a twat. As every year I 'm bored of this now

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    230 Ascot Come on Leicester 5pt ew 16/1
    245 Hamilton Aleef 5pt ew 11/2
    305 Ascot Kings Proctor 2pt ew 25/1 4places and Stream of stars 5pts ew 4 places
    340 Ascot Tribute Act 5pt ew 14/1
    420 Ascot Poet's Word 5pt ew 11/2 (up against the mighty Cracksman so unlikely to win but place money should be ensured and you never know)
    810 Chelmsford Mountain Bell 15pt win 3/1 and 5pt win Lady Bergamot with 5pt for the place to win 9.26
    910 Chelmsford Frank's Legacy 10pt win 7/2

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Inevitable from time to time but I have four popped up in the 500 race so would have to take the lower odds with the greater place terms

    Keyser Sozo 16/1 12/1 7 places
    Medahim 22/1 20/1 7 places
    Mukalal 40/1 33/1 7 places
    Tricorn 25/1 20/1 7 places

    My pick of the lot would be Medahim so I'd go 2 ew on the rest and 3 ew on that one 18pts in total.

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    I've lost me sheet from yesterday like a plonka so I've had to check my results again!!

    Aleef won 13/2 returning 49 points
    Tribute act 2nd returning 19pts
    Poet's word won returning 44.37 pts

    Small profit of 5.37 pts for the day. Best bet of the day was Poet's word which seemed certain to return the stake money at least but went on to win.

    Whoops, missed a winner - thought I'd not posted it up like I did the day before with a winner I had written down but didn't post :banghead but it is down there. Lady Bergamot won the 810 returning another 44.26 points.

    Profit of around 50 points on the day.
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    ONEDUNME Administrator

    One of those days with many horses in the big races so I'll put them in the next post

    230 Ascot Konchek. Would normally go for a win at 4/1 (drifting) but 365 are offering 1/4 odds when it should really be 1/5. That, and the fact that if it wins I'm likely to qualify for a fee bet in the 340 race makes me think that its worth an ew bet with the price drifiting. 5pts ew
    Also 2pts ew Pocket Dynamo at 33/1

    330 Chelmsford Alfarris 12pt win 11/4

    520 Chemsford Forever in Love. Has yet to win a race and finished plum last on its last race three weeks ago but its race was over after 5 seconds as it didn't break well from the stalls. Jockey eased up on it knowing that it was never in the race. Handicapper has dropped it 2lbs for that run and may be made to realise that that was a mistake. Cheekpieces on for first time today so may also help to light it up. 5pt win 14/1 and 5pts for 2 places to make 21.87

    550 Chelmsford Absolutely Awesome. Market suggests that this is the most likely of the two I have in my tracker. Some 4/1 still available but going fast. 10pt win
    Also 5pt ew at 5/1 Toolatetodelegate (drifting) which I put in my tracker must be worth a mark of at least 64 and today races off 62.

    620 Lingfield Big Time Maybe should be unbackable at 2/5 but I'll throw 10 pts at it in an effort to buy some money

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    500 Ascot
    Ostillo 5pt ew 16/1 available but will take 14/1 6 places
    George of Hearts 5pt ew 8/1 available but will take 7/1 7 places
    Stylehunter 33/1 available for 4 places but will take 20/1 7 places for 2pt ew

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    535 Ascot
    Corgi 3pt ew corgi 14/1 6 places
    Communique 5pt ew 6/1
    Dukhan 2pts ew 25/1 5 places

    20pts staked

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