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Your Euro 2012 Ante Post Bets

Discussion in 'Euro 2012 betting' started by Punter, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    Give us your Euro 2012 Anti post bets then, so we don’t have to hear you after eventing later on.

    I’ve been chucking bits and pieces at it the last couple of months and now we’re almost here I’m looking and thinking WTF was I thinking. But I’ve got a few to shout on for two weeks at least.

    Outright Winner
    Germany - 8pts @ 4.2 Betdaq
    Russia – 5pts @ 25/1 Hills
    Ukraine - 4pts @ 56 Betdaq
    Croatia - 4pts @ 62 Betdaq
    Poland - 4pts @ 66 Betdaq

    Top Goalscorer
    Thomas Muller - 2pts @ 32 Betdaq
    Pavel Pogrebnyak – 2pts @ 72 Betdaq
    Andy Carroll – 4pts E.W @ 100/1 Betfred
    Andy Carroll – 5pts E.W @ 80/1 Skybet
    Andy Carroll – 2.5pts E.W @ 100/1 V.C Bet
    Nikica Jelavic – 5pts E.W @ 100/1 V.C Bet

    Top England Scorer
    Andy Carroll – 10pts win @ 12/1 Skybet
    Andy Carroll – 30pts win @ 10/1 Skybet

    Top Tottenham Scorer
    Luka Modric – 5pts @ 6/1

    Total - 103pts staked.

    Who you got?

    Good Luck.
  2. traeth

    traeth Moderator

    here's my bets that I've posted on the euro winner thread

    Netherlands to get to the semis @ 2.20 with blue sq
    Netherlands to win @ 8.0 with Coral ,
    Van Persie top premiership goalscorer @ 5.50 with bluesq
  3. slick

    slick Administrator

    Holland to get to the semis looks a solid bet Traeth.
    I was also looking at the top goal scorer for Germany punt as I've not been overly impressed with Gomez, I see you have gone for Muller whereas I was inching more towards Klose who usually does well in big tournaments but I'm not so sure how much game time he will get.
  4. winrew

    winrew GILF

    Sweden to beat Ukraine @ 2/1.
    Ten of the Ukraine squad laid up in bed with food poison , anyone ?

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    I'm not impressed by any of the prices at the top of the market. I've laid Spain, simply because the price is just fucking stupid and I wouldn't be surprised if Holland fail to get out of the group stage (so get your money on a Spain, Holland final:lol).

    I've took half a dozen bets on various teams with a view to laying them at some stage in the competition (my biggest one being England so I hope to fuck they scrape their way out of the group) but my only bet "to keep" until today was Portugal ew at 22/1 (1/2 the odds 2 places).

    That was until I saw that France were 9 and 10 to 1 and Russia were 20/1. Can't see France not getting out of the group and I really think that Russia could pull off a shock this summer while all the attention is on the usual suspects. My plan is to lay for my stake back on both of these at half the odds.

    Top goalscorer market I've left alone too. Had a decent drag a few years ago thanks to Kiko but, let's be honest, unlike the world cup, most of these teams aren't going to end up the whipping boys letting five or six in every other game so it's difficult to spot a likely winner at a reasonable price
  6. ThunderCelt

    ThunderCelt National League Punter

    No imaginative bets for me. I don't really follow international footy these days and the Euros have never interested me as much as the World Cup anyway. I've simply gone for fun with small stakes to win a certain amount. Backed each of the following for various amounts and I'm about 1/3 of any of these win which leaves some scope for hedging if an outsider makes it to the semis.


    Edited to wish everyone good luck. :crossfingers
  7. Kegman

    Kegman Moderator

    I've been backing Poland to beat Greece in the opening game for ages at 6/5, 11/10 and Evens.

    Gomez top scorer @ 8/1

    Poland, Germany, Italy and England all to qualify from groups

    Germany v Holland final @ 9/1

    Various team top scorers but biggest bet is on Yarmolenko to be Ukraines top scorer @ 5/1

    France to finish above England, Ireland not to win a game, Poland to qualify from group, Germany to win Group B and less than 59 goals in group stages - ladbrokes bet @ 20/1

    Total goals treble (all teams to score 0-1 goals)
    Ireland 11/4 Greece 4/1 Denmark 10/3
  8. Kegman

    Kegman Moderator

    Germany to beat Portugal 4/5
    Croatia to beat Rep of Ireland 11/10
    France to beat Sweden 10/11
    England to beat Ukraine 5/6
    Russia to beat Czech Republic Evens
    perm any 3, 4 & 5

    Czech Rep to beat Greece 11/8
    Poland to beat Czech Rep 5/4
    Russia to beat Greece 10/11
    Germany to beat Holland 11/8
    Italy to beat Croatia Evens
    perm any 3, 4 & 5

    Spain v Italy
    France v England
    Ukraine v Sweden
    Poland v Russia
    Croatia v Spain (all draws)
    Perm any 3, 4 @ 5

    If Poland beat Greece i'm gping to have a big single on Russia to beat Greece

  9. winrew

    winrew GILF

    Top goalscorer.
    Gomez @ 9/1
    Benzema @ 12/1
    Balotelli @ 28/1

    France @ 10/1


    Germany v France @ 30/1

    Top scorer / Winner of final
    Benzema / France @ 33/1
  10. Colbro

    Colbro Well-Known Member

    I' ve got Sweden to qualify from group D @ 2.78 and Croatia to qualify from group C @2.60. Also Ukraine @ 14 to concede most goals in the competition ( :beer). Odds from Betfair
  11. pimpin4rizeal

    pimpin4rizeal New Member

    10 pts france and spain double to win there groups @3.8
    7 pts ew ronaldo top scorer@15
    6pts ew rvp top scorer@11.0
    5pts ew muller top scorer@29.0
    2ptsew robben top scorer@41.0
    3pts greece lowest scoring team@9.0
  12. Colbro

    Colbro Well-Known Member

    GL Keg

    I've gone against you by backing Greece to qualify from group A. I got matched at 3.00 on betfair but would take the 2.8 available now. Everything I've read about Poland seems to be negative and I remember 2006 and their game against Ecuador when we all bet on them at evens. Poland often seem to disappoint at finals. I think Russia will be strong but the Czechs seem to have peaked a few years back and are on the down slope now.
  13. Colbro

    Colbro Well-Known Member

    One last one - Germany to concede most goals in the tournament at 17 on betfair, the theory being they could go a long way but will concede a few doing so.
  14. poltmcm

    poltmcm dilligaf

    F'kin ell Keggers you got enough punt's there??? must have been saving for Scotland going then we dissapointed you again !!

    Anyhoo my punts
    Top goalscorer

    R V persie @ 10/1 EW
    M Klose @ 18/1
    KJ Huntelaar @ 18/1

    R Shirokov @ 4/1
    Anytime Goalscorer
    Russia v Czech Republic

    N Jelavic @ 2/1
    Anytime Goalscorer
    Ireland v Croatia

    Z Ibrahimovic @ 15/8
    Anytime Goalscorer
    Ukraine v Sweden

    M Klose @ 13/10
    Anytime Goalscorer
    Germany v Portugal

    R Van Persie @ 4/5
    Anytime Goalscorer
    Holland v Denmark


    Holland Vs Denmark Holland -1 HT handicap @5/1

    1st Russia 2nd Poland
    1st Germany 2nd Holland
    1st Spain 2nd Italy
    1st France 2nd England
    Lucky 15
  15. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    Just added one more...

    Player of The Tournament

    Alan Dzagoev (Russia), 7pts @ 33/1 Blue Sq.
  16. slick

    slick Administrator

    I've had him in my soccermanager team for 3 yrs now Punt and he's done fcuk all:lol
  17. Punter

    Punter Moderator


    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Just added a big bet for Gomez to be top scorer - ew 6/1. :crossfingers

    Any one of ten teams could win it so I decided to go with a player bet instead

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Yes I'm counting chickens but don't forget where you heard it first. I bet none of your "expert pundits" saw that fucker coming,
  20. hotspur

    hotspur Active Member

    I take it youre referring to your favourite pundits-on the tv.But a lot of newspaper/betting pundits pointed out that Portugal were value which implied Holland may not be value to get out of the group.

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